BYH Ayden Collard Festival Committee and volunteers for having the festival this year. My family and neighbors and children are looking forward to going. Good call for the Embers to perform on Saturday night. Save me a seat at the collard eating contest. Love me some collard greens!

Bless the hearts of the state and federal employees who still are not in their offices! It is time to get back to work so that the people who pay your salaries with tax money can walk in and speak to a representative face to face. The world is back at work — why aren’t you?

Since some states are legalizing marijuana and decriminalizing hard drugs could we legalize Z-Paks. You get a sinus infection and getting in to see a doctor is worse than the sinus infection. If I can legally smoke dope I should be able to legally source a few antibiotics. I’m thinking it may be some type of racket to make money. Time to legalize something for the law-abiding folks. We are not the enemy.

BYH for designing a roadway entrance in front of GUC on N.C. 43 that becomes narrower and more dangerous. Anytime there is a moped or bicycle rider going through cars cannot pass and traffic is backed up instantly. Drivers get annoyed, aggressive and road rage starts because of your poor design.

It is time to return to the professional haircare specialist! We tolerated those bad dye jobs you did at home during the lockdown, but now the restrictions are lifted and time to renew your hair. These old men who are trying to keep a bit of gray around their ears must stop. Pretty hard to come off with a natural look when the rest of your hair is jet black. C’mon man! Get some help!

BYH to those who think that the gas tax raises enough to pay for the highways. Follow the money and see that the gas tax does not cover road costs. We all pay for public roads with sales, property, and other taxes but it gets used mostly by people rich enough to own cars so the government subsidizes the rich with no toll roads and free parking spaces.

BYH Greenville leaders. Why don’t you leave the Town Common alone. Do you have to commercialize all of Greenville with breweries and beer? Can’t you leave something for families to enjoy? There is more to Greenville than ECU. Food trucks at events are sufficient. Seems if you give any branch of government enough time they will mess just about anything up.

Speed kills. BYH to the speeders who risk everyone’s life because they wish to go fast. BYH to the road planners who facilitate this. BYH to the police who stopped enforcing speed limits. We have met the enemy and it is us.

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