Warning: Sometimes these extended versions get a little edgy. BYH

Bless the Hearts of the police for not shooting and kneeling on the neck of Jimy Gurganus as he carried five firearms while walking along Greenville Boulevard. Wait for it ...

Monument removals do not erase history. The glorification of the "Old South" is removed. The notion that the South should have won is destroyed. The stain of slavery on the nation's soul and the subjugation of African American people is not celebrated. Greenville's 1916 monument was erected to continue the frightening purpose of the Civil War: To intimidate black people who fueled the South's economic engine.

BYH to everyone opposing the Black Lives Matter movement. Obviously, you haven't had to have a conversation with your child about what to do to when stopped by the police to ensure they come home safe! To say "all lives matter" further displays the lack of empathy, remorse and ownership of the oppression and continued murder of persons of color for more than 400 years!

Police officers today are actually daycare workers. They are paid to coddle the recalcitrant children under the watchful eye of political correctness. My daycare taught discipline, manners and respect for constituted authority. Now they turn out children who expect a free ride with no consequences for their misdeeds. I'm willing to pay for more law and order, not less. Don't make me fearful to go to the grocery store.

The media keeps referring to people that go to protests and then turn violent or destructive as protesters. Please do not lump people who are exercising their right to protest with the people who are injuring and killing people along with destroying property, as they are not protesters, they are criminals.

BYH for putting Art Pope on the UNC Board of Governors. I guess Satan was not available.

BYH have you noticed that the states with the highest infection rate are also the states with the most ignorant people.

BYH to all those who are bent out of shape that their history and "heritage" are being erased with the coming down of statues of those men who fought against the United States. I don't remember them being concerned at all when we, as occupiers of Iraq, erased their history and heritage as we pulled down states of Saddam Hussein.

BYH JPII for wanting to revise your special-use permit to allow athletic events seven days a week until 9:30 and 11 p.m. That’s not being a good neighbor.

No BYH to those who have refused to wear masks, either because you believe that science is a Democratic conspiracy or are too lazy to make a face covering out of an old T-shirt. Future historians may puzzle about the mass arrogance of 2020 that caused so many deaths and the second Great Depression. Be a good citizen and wear a mask!

BYH if we can implement this to eliminate hate: Begin to think as if we are spiritual beings enjoying a human experience. Think that we are souls experiencing life, and since souls don't have any form or color, it is only a temporary human body that we are enjoying life through. With this in mind, the body is nothing but a garment, white, black or brown, and this should help us love each other.

A no BYH to BLM protestors. I see what ya'll are doing. You are the ones being racists. Not us! Think before you post anti-white racists stuff on social media. One word comes to mind: Karma! We need to tear down the Martin Luther King Jr. statue in Washington, D.C. He wasn't so great.

Bless your hearts liberals. You support free speech as long as it agrees with your point of view.

BYH to those saying they will not wear a face mask because it is their right and will not be a sheep of government. Well, you take off your shoes at TSA checkpoints when you fly and don't complain government is overstepping. How about explain that please!

BYH: politics and bowel movements, two things to make you grump. Forgive me, but it's way past time to take a Trump.

I though we had a nice statue at the courthouse, then I find out he's been going all over the country causing problems. That guy has go to go!

BYH Greenville. I see the statue at the courthouse has been removed for about $30,000. I hope you are billing those who wanted it removed and not using tax dollars, BYH.

BYH to the person that thinks fat people vote for liberals. You obviously haven’t looked at the crowd at a Trump rally there to support the Fatty In Chief.

It defeats the purpose of having contact free pickup if you get out of your car and stand 2 feet away from the person loading your purchases without a mask. Why don’t you give the employees a break? They aren’t wearing goggles and only have cheap disposable masks. BYH. I’m talking to you soccer mom’s and old dudes. Stay in your dang vehicle. I see it every time I go to get groceries.

Bless your heart to the 46 million applying for unemployment and the politicians that will do nothing to eliminate illegals that take American jobs from these 46 million.

Bless your heart to those destroying 100-year-old statues, next we should go to the graveyards and bust up those tombstones with the 'CS' symbols, next go to the library and schools and burn the history books. We should create our own "Bonfire of the Vanities" so to speak. We learn nothing from history

Trump thinks he is so clever calling coronavirus the Kung Flu. It’s not a joke. I’ve had a relative die of it. BYH Mr. One Term.

BYH to the people that still have a degree of civility left in them. The country is out of control in allowing rioters and looters to destroy personal and government property. Support our law enforcement. The violators should be fined, locked up and maybe, just maybe that might change their attitudes about living in the greatest country on earth.

BYH JPII. Having athletic events until 9:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. seven days a week will definitely help the local economy with increased sales of window shades and ear plugs. Hopefully your neighbors can get some sleep. Merchants please stock up!

BYH Greenville police department or not. I believe that if the man walking down Greenville Boulevard carrying guns and a knife had been black the police would have been out in force. Probably the least thing that would have happened is he would have been arrested and probably the only reason he wouldn’t have been killed is because of the ongoing protests revolving around George Floyd’s death. God have mercy on us all.

OK, so if you can't bully, threaten, lie, or say your constitutional rights are being violated being required to wear masks, or , you just pretend it's gone away, by slowing down testing, but still North Carolina infections are skyrocketing. Wonder why?

So Sen. Phil Berger calls Gov. Roy Cooper a hypocrite about his face masks order as cases of COVID have suddenly spiked. This from one who for political gain tries to legislate against all public health safety measures enacted by the governor as recommended by health experts. Berger has consistently blocked efforts to expand health care coverage for uninsured North Carolinians. He wants to make things better for us? Who is the real hypocrite?

BYH ignorant citizens, the Coronavirus numbers are increasing. The only thing we can do is to listen to the experts. Reduce contact and wear masks ... don't you believe the reports? I've got a friend with the virus. Believe me, you don't want it.

Wow! Now I understand the phrase "Between a rock and a hard place." On the one hand, President Trump is obviously "not all there." On the other hand, my other option would be to vote for a Democrat.

Will the lawn/sod maintenance service please turn off the music speaker system your workers listen to. The trash blasting forth on high volume is highly offensive. Never heard so many curse words. It sure is "bad advertising" for your company.

I get that a lot of people have a problem with the state run liquor stores being open. The people complaining have a problem with people having a drink. Let's privatize them and you will see how fast they are shut down since the state would not be getting the profit.

Remenant? I would think that a fine newspaper would be sure to double check at least the headline spelling for the paper. You should know that remenant is not a word at all. Suggest you be more careful, particularly on news of one of the major stories occurring currently.

BYH ya'll! So many people not wearing masks while out in public! You are showing very little concern or respect for your fellow man much less yourself! If you don't like wearing a mask, you sure won't like "wearing" a ventilator!

Hello, anyone there? Bless their hearts? It’s time for whoever is in charge of such things to replace the staff at the Greenville license plate office with people who are willing to respond to those who are taxed to pay their salary!

The left always wants to hold someone accountable. Who is holding them accountable? This whole thing is so lopsided.

"If we didn't test, we wouldn't have cases." D.T.

Anyone can put up any statue or monument as they see fit. Just don't place it around the courthouse or other prominent public location unless it's one that represents something that everyone wants to remember about our history.

No BYH to anyone destroying statues, property, etc., that you like or don't like. It is wrong and the law should be enforced.

Bless our hearts, when Republicans shut down the Postal Service, they will bring down a monument to Founding Father Benjamin Franklin. He was a journalist and scientist, everything that Republicans hate.

BYH people, wear a mask! Get over trying to politicize a health issue. Just go back to your flat earth rants.

BYH: Do you remember when Nikita Khrushchev said "We will take America without firing a shot. We will destroy America from within." Looks like they don't have to do it; we are doing it for them. Duh!!

If the good Calvin Henderson speaks in good faith, then he should live by his word. In the June 24 issue of The Daily Reflector, he stated that the Confederate statue should be moved to a more appropriate place as it does not represent the history of "all people." If that is fact, then every public statue or memorial should be removed from public view as none of them represent the history of "all people."

BYH, the first step to cure systematic racism is for everyone of all races to stop using the n-word. As a white guy, I hear that word more from my black friends more than anybody and tell them they shouldn't use it, and they tell me that it's OK for them to say it not white people. Well buddy, you're wrong.

No BYH to the reader criticizing Gov. Cooper for walking with protestors without a face mask. What about the behavior of the president when he was walking through a medical production facility without a mask? Or speaking at his rallies without a mask? Why not call out the president too?

It was Throwback Wednesday at the service department of the local car dealership: no masks and no social distancing between personnel or with customers. BTH

There are so many "black only" organizations and recognitions. Black History Month, black colleges, black music awards, black entertainment awards, black organizations, etc., but not "white only." Could you imagine a White History Month or a white music award show. There are plenty of white and blacks that have done great things. Can someone explain this?