BYH, taking over this country was even easier than Putin, the Vichy Republicans and their lackey traitor in chief thought it would be. Who knew our democracy was like a baby in a stroller just waiting to be snatched, just flip less than an average of 2 votes per voting station across three key electoral states in districts that use electronic machines. Piece of cake! Seig heil! BYH.

No BYH to those loudmouths who seek to divide us. There are many in this country who are pro business, pro freedom and pro mask plus social distancing.

BYH to the businesses complying carefully with CDC COVID measures. Personally, I am grateful for your efforts and while I don't love wearing a mask, I know it's an important health measure right now. And, I know that not all owners personally agree with the policies but you are following guidelines, nonetheless. I will gladly support your businesses and hope that others who are closed will have a fair chance to follow suit.

BYH, poem of the day: Everything has a price tag, a cost you shall remit; but promises are a dime a dozen, and talk is as cheap as spit.

Just returned from Washington waterfront. Plenty of people, both young and old, but not one person was wearing a mask, even though the governor has mandated it. This virus will not end until we all follow the rules. I guess its true, "you can't fix stupid."

BYH President Trump. I heard that you were no longer going to call the former vice president "Sleepy Joe Biden." You are going to change it to "President-elect Joe Biden." Bless your heart.

Bless your heart Democrats. You would do better to improve racial equality by placing your focus on education and job skills training. Your focus on freebies and handouts do nothing but increase the dependency of recipients to government handouts.

BYH to people whining about taxpayer money being used to take down Confederate participation trophies. We had plenty of people happy to pull it down for free, but you got mad about that too.

It's been three and a half months, almost four since hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and lysol spray has been available to purchase online or locally. What is up with the supply chain and these companies? No I do not go out to stores, and even if I did they don't have items. Are folks still hoarding and thinking it's all about them? SMH

BYH to those people who are too vain or too stupid to not wear a mask in public. Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us. It's obvious you care only about yourself. You must be a Republican. 
Bless your heart to the financial adviser who believes that 1 percent yield on savings is a high yield account. You should find another line of work. Maybe fortune telling.

BYH to the City if Greenville for hosting a meeting to discuss race relations. How about one now to explain why they did not stop the destruction during the recent protests?

BYH-you heard it wrong. He's not the anointed one, he's the annoying one!
BYH, the liberal plot to make Trump look stupid and ridiculous, also known as "Operation just let him speak," is working splendidly.

Bless our hearts! Sadly, racism exists. It can be found along with indifference and evil amidst all races. Thankfully, love of fellow man, compassion and goodness also exist within most people in our country. Let us hope that the overwhelming deliberative rhetoric and demands, intended to promote change, will be tempered to accomplish more that causing grievances to unproductively intensify and fueling negativity and frustration on all sides. Lead with reciprocal conversations and the positive.

BYH to the Daily Reflector. When I moved here in the early 70's, I always looked forward to receiving the paper. Lots of good and interesting news both local, national and international. I think I paid $25 a year. Now, in 2020, the population is many times what it was in the 70s. The paper is a joke. Will not renew when my subscription expires.

Bless my heart, with all this statue and monument and history removal talk, it reminds me of a story about a 9th century pope digging up a dead pope and putting the corpse on trial for sins he committed while he was alive. It didn't make sense then and putting history on trial doesn't make sense now.

BYH, here is your poem of the day: It's hard to give Trump credit, no matter how hard he tries. He excels in hardly anything, behold the father of lies.

BYH to people who don't wear masks to emulate Trump. Trump broke his word to our allies the Kurds, a democratic people that lost 12,000 soldiers fighting ISIS while US Support troops lost a dozen. Trump allowed Turkey to bomb, burn, torture, rape, murder and sometimes behead the Kurds. He had Turkey's Erdogan for a grand state visit, all smiles and pomp, while the genocide of our "allies" continued. Is this who you are?

BYH to the poor naive soul who claims "the police will leave you alone if you don’t do illegal stuff." Too bad no one ever told Breonna Taylor that sleeping in her own bed was "illegal" before the police murdered her.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Looks like Pence is fiddling while the pandemic rages. Bless his heart. Who can call the current skyrocketing numbers “encouraging news?"

BYH to the three nice weathermen on one of the local news stations. You show great patience with the snarky anchor.

Just got my vehicle tax and registration renewal bill more than nine weeks before it’s due. BYH DMV and tax man, but you won’t be getting my money two months early. How about sending them out in a more reasonable time frame?

Bless their poor wittle hearts, the sports and entertainment industry shouldn't even think about playing their perspective sports until everyone else can go back to work like before the virus dynamic.

The best place to store statues of Confederate officials is in the attic at Tara.

Bless my heart. Just to show that I am as reasonable and intelligent (and patriotic and all that) as these people who demand opening the economy while also rejecting social distancing and wearing masks, I claim that these people are carrying out a Russian conspiracy with the goal of damaging our businesses and economy further. Don't fall for this Putin plot.

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