I look forward to the day when we can go back to the church house. Hopefully the preacher will let us out early so we can once again do battle with the Methodists over the good pieces of chicken on the buffet line. I have been in training learning new blocking moves that should get us the best chicken once again. Those Methodists are crafty in the buffet line but we now are ready!

I will never be able to rationalize a connection between the hate in your heart for other human beings and your fanny in a pew every Sunday.

BYH, my God, I finally found out what is wrong with my brain . On the left side, there is nothing right, and on the right side there is nothing left.

BYH, I’m beginning to think that the phrase “hindsight is 2020” was some kind of a message from a time traveler from the future that we all misunderstood.

A very big BYH to this newspaper for Game On! This “Golden Ager” who is on house arrest looks forward to trying it out!

BYH, if your voice didn’t matter, they wouldn’t try to silence you.

BYH to those who do not wear masks because they feel like the virus is fake. It really scares me to think that people cannot listen to the experts and realize that the virus doesn’t care if you are white or black, young or old, Democrat or Republican. Do the research.

So the DR is liberal! Well, just to set the facts straight, the DR endorsed Trump in 2016. But hey, a lot of voters are also changing their support of Trump.

I believe that white privilege is a product produced by two parent families. That old fashioned family love and support just cannot be beat. Try it out sometime and you may find happiness after all.

Bless your heart to Gov. Cooper for you support of teachers. The $350 bonus is a good thing. How will you explain no raises for the last two years? Any teacher dumb enough to support you should have their teaching license revoked.

Bless your heart to the folks who believe Black Lives Matter (but not to Blacks.) Almost a daily story of Blacks murdering Blacks. I don’t ever expect this to ever appear in the DR.

BYH Gov. Cooper. Where is your leadership? You should have opened up the bars so that you could shut them down again like Florida and Texas.

BYH, what wine goes best with watching too much TV and worrying about the end of democracy?

Bless our hearts Christians. This virus is our test. Do we love others as we love ourselves?

A true Southern BYH to the person (guy?) who posted his freedom was being taken away by the gov’ment forcing him to wear a mask. And the gov’ment forcing you to wear pants in public is just ... good sense?

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