To the person talking about Carter, no I did not think the man was stupid. You cannot be a nuke on a Navy sub and be stupid. He was an officer on a 90-person boat. As a president, he was too involved in minute and details to be a good leader. I lived in Georgia. We had a road named Norcross-Tucker that was changed to Jimmy Carter Boulevard after he was elected. Two years later people were lobbying to change it back.

BYH Republican party. All my life I’ve heard that democracy would work better if we could get more people to vote. Then in 2020 voting actually increased. Now the Republican party in 40 states is trying to restrict people from voting.

BYH to President Joe Biden. He makes Barack Obama seem downright conservative. Obama used to talk about “wealth redistribution.” This is taking money away from those who have earned it and giving it to others. The idea is the same, only the terminology has changed. Biden calls it “equity.” It is still taking your money and giving it to someone who has not worked for it.

BYH Bible reader, no scholar, Mark 10:6 addresses marriage between a man and a woman and 2 Thessalonians 3:10 addresses no work no eat.

A big bless your heart to the employees of Pitt County Public Health. You all have to be tired.

Jesus addresses and defines marriage in Matthew 19:4–6 and Mark 10:6–9 using both Genesis 1:26–27 and Genesis 2:24 to parse it out. Now show me the verse where he says it’s OK?

Bless your heart to ECU for putting a geography professor in charge of the medical, dental, and nursing schools. Accreditation agencies will absolutely love that. It’s truly amateur hour!

Please explain why not one Republican office holder who believes the Big Lie objecting to Biden’s victory has not objected to their own wins, on the same day, on the same ballots, using the same elections system.

Bless the hearts of anyone that thinks “socialism” has led to any product shortages during the pandemic. It is not surprising that pure global capitalism created the Soviet-style shortages the free market was supposed to be the antidote for.

BYH to those who would shoot it out. I see an obvious “Catch-22” with the indoor shooting range coming to Pitt County. The people that need to use it most are those who would be engaged in gunfights with others. The drawback is that most of these individuals are convicted felons. Ergo, they can not legally possess a gun and would not be allowed to use the facility.

Bless our hearts. Your cyber security system and border security are really working well. NOT. What’s next Joe? Come on man.

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