BYH to local law enforcement. While officer-involved shootings justifiably are under the microscope right now, let us not forget those events comprise a tiny fraction of policing. Kudos to the many fine officers who keep our streets safe from drunk drivers, work in the rain in traffic accidents, serve as mentors to kids, engage with the community in positive ways and honor their role as peace officers.

BYH to Liam Spencer. He is such a dolt. I guess to be totally accurate, he is extremely naive. To get away with a fatal hit and run then turn yourself into the police is just plain crazy. The worst part is that, due to his stupidity, he has implicated Dollar Bill in this nefarious crime.

That comment is bold and beautiful.

We have red light cameras to give us a ticket when we run a stoplight. How about a noise meter that will ticket these excessively loud vehicles? I know some of these mufflers cannot be legal. And then a camera to ticket these vehicles with excessively bright headlights. One truck got behind me and his headlights looked blue. I thought the police were after me until the truck almost blew me off the road.

BYH to the everyone who decides to exceed the speed limit when they drive. Y’all risk your lives and the lives of others as seen by the recent murder of four young lives. Slow down.

BYH, Neutron stars can rotate at 600 rpm. Space is completely silent. Ninety-nine percent of the mass of our solar system is the sun. More energy from the sun enters the Earth every hour than the planet consumes in a year. The largest asteroid in our solar system is a space rock named Ceres. One day on Venus is longer than one year on Earth. The position of the North Star will change over time.

So someone who kills four innocent young people is charged with a misdemeanor that carries 150 days in jail. Will that be four times 150 days consecutively for each death? I personally think vehicular death should be a felony and our statute needs to be changed. Texting and reckless driving are two examples. Another example is exceeding the safe speed in a rain storm. Change the law, please.

BOH! Unbelievable! There’s a proposal to allow a restaurant to take up about five acres of our precious Town Common, already rather small! We need open spaces not business enterprises! City Council, please vote no to this! Generations to come will thank you for saving their park space. I love the idea of food trucks at Town Common!

BYH, the worst thing is not to feel all alone, the worst thing is to be with people who make you feel all alone.

Send contributions using the submission form on, by emailing or calling 329-9564.

Send contributions using the submission form on, by emailing or calling 329-9564.