OMG. Somebody in Winterville overdosed on the fumes in the alternate reality bubble!

Bless my heart. My wife is both intelligent and highly educated. Unfortunately, she is sorely lacking in common sense. She is defying the stay at home order. She goes somewhere almost everyday. I am afraid that she will end up infecting us both. Can I expect to get help from the police or the health department? Can she be quarantined against her will?

BYH to the City of Greenville. I thought you closed the parks and ball fields? Why do I still see groups of adults and children out in big groups using these areas?

The playground equipment is closed; green-spaces are open. Visitors are to keep their distance from each other.

BYH, can we uninstall 2020 and reinstall it? This version has a virus.

Within the city limits cats are allowed to roam freely. Please know your city ordinances before telling someone else what is right or wrong.

I thought the purpose of the $1,200 per adult and $500 per child was to help those who could no longer work because their place of employment was closed. I certainly hope it is not going to anyone whose income is not going to change. Ie: retired, unemployed, Social Security or welfare recipients!

I’d like to send a special BYH and thank you to all of the doctors, nurses and medical personnel for caring for all of the patients with the virus. There has to be a special in heaven waiting for you when it’s your time to go.

To the “Woof Woof” writer, please please contact some help for this abused dog! If you’re in the county, call Pitt County Animal Control, and if you’re in the city, call Greenville Police Animal Control. Trust me, they will do something about the poor dog. The owners ought to be made to surrender the dog (which is a good possibility) to a good home. I’ve reached out for these agencies’ help and they are great! Please call them today. That precious pup does not need to suffer.

Funny thing, they took prayer out of school and now it looks like it will take prayer to get us back in school. Let’s change the moment of silence back to prayer. Kindergarten teacher.

Pitt County schools have a gold mine with a teacher from Eastern Elementary. Mrs. Koryn Dilday has taught for 14 years in North Carolina and three years for the N.C. Virtual Academy. On her own time she has put together webinars helping teachers transition to virtual teaching. These webinars have been watched by over 500 fellow teachers here and around the country. If you haven’t checked them, do yourself and your students a favor. Thanks Mrs. Dilday.

Send contributions using the submission form on, by emailing to or calling 329-9564.

Send contributions using the submission form on, by emailing to or calling 329-9564.