There’s not many of us left who remember that dreadful day 70 years ago. It was early summer and polio had paralyzed a child in our hometown. Parents were instructed to keep children in their own yard for the rest of the summer. Bless our hearts, it was a long summer without our friends. But it was worth it as no other child contracted polio in our hometown.

BYH to the person who complained of “people who don’t work will get benefits.” It’s good to know that, even in the face of a pandemic, supposed adults are still pitching a fit over what they think others do or do not deserve.

I don’t have a political bone left in my body, but, it makes me so sad to see the ignorant, idiotic, unreasonable and irrational political crap that my relatives are sharing on Facebook.

BYH, but I still don’t understand how a beer can cause a virus.

{span}Bless their heart, who looks out for the employees at the courthouse. No one?{/span}

Bless our hearts. Everything is gauged by risk of obtaining it. Is it worth going out to get whatever? Think I’ll devise a formula that factors in age, health, level of need, cases of disease in your area, etc. Hmmm. Sounds really complicated. Think I’ll just order from Amazon.

BYH idiots. You are not, in fact, essential. Go home.

BYH, do you think we could also do “social distancing” with our cars? Would be nice to have the person behind me at least six feet away.

BYH, just when I discover the meaning of life, they change it.

BYH. Only in America can you give birth to multiple children, not be married, don’t work, receive government support money that isn’t affected by this slowdown, then receive an additional $1,200 per adult and $500 per child. And you wonder why we are so far in debt.

BYH, how about the banks we bailed out 10 years ago return the favor? Freeze mortgage, loan and credit card payments for six months.

BYH, now that the barber shops and beauty salons have closed, have you noticed that people aren’t posting selfies anymore?

It’s much more entertaining to read a novel about a dystopian future or see a movie about a plague than it is to live it. Bless my sad heart.

BYH and kudos for those who take this serious public health crisis seriously and are practicing social distancing, staying home and not hoarding supplies we all need. No BYH at all to those who whose selfishness puts our community at risk.

BYH to the Daily Reflector for reporting — on the same front page — that people should practice social distancing and how many came out to the food vendors. Did anyone else notice the irony of that?

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