Bless our hearts, the doctor’s back in town and the cure for what ails us is food stamps, more food stamps, unemployment benefits and socialism. Works every time.

Thank you to Dr. Thomas Thielen and his awesome staff at Greenville Pediatrics Service. They were well organized, kind and efficient getting my daughter in and out for (flu/strep) testing last week. We only spent five minutes in the office to minimize potential COVID exposure. They’ve taken the current threat seriously and are serving the pediatric population with compassion and science. Way to go!

BYH to sports radio host who stated we did not shut down our nation for the swine flu in 2009 when he says some 56 million were infected and 11,000 died. That’s a death rate of 0.02 percent. At COVID-19’s current death rate of 2 to 3 percent, if 56 million are infected, the number of dead would be 1.1 to 1.6 million. Are we ready for that?

BYH, they said all I needed to be safe to go to the grocery store were some gloves and a mask. They lied, everybody else had clothes on.

BYH, this virus should not be named corona, it should be named Mad Dog. Mad Dog 2020.

Thank you to Greg Murphy for keeping us informed with his regular videos explaining the virus and how to prepare for it. It is nice to have an elected official in office with a medical background.

Why do we believe the scientists in regard to COVID19 but not those in regard to climate change?

One way to get the blood donations up would be for the Red Cross to offer a free N95 mask, roll or two of toilet paper or a bottle of sanitizer with each donation.

BOH, the Russians are giving much needed aid to Italy and our president wants to know if North Korea needs help. I thought I paid attention in high school. Isn’t Italy a friend and North Korea an enemy? It doesn’t make sense to me that anybody could vote for somebody who keeps screwing up so many times. Trump needs to go!

Bless your heart, I am so sick and tired of our president being known as a racist. Was any other president discriminated for using the names — Asian flu, Spanish flu, German Measles and, yes, that’s where they originated. So what’s the big deal with the China virus.

BYH, President Trump is very much concerned about the people, and as for the stock market, a big part of us who have worked decades will depend on it to make ends meet along with Medicare.

A BYH to those who are not returning text messages. They said social distancing, not social texting. You can’t catch a virus from texting people. Be kind and respond to people’s texts. They worry!

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