BYH to the writer with the “Mad Dog 2020” pun. You made me boo my screen out loud at work and now everyone thinks I’ve gone mad.

The virus has made me more depressed than I was. I already felt doomed and this has reinforced the idea. The virus is the drive-through line to Valhala.

I’m thinking the coronavirus may not be as serious as I thought as both Republicans and Democrats are still playing politics. They have added more pork to the relief bill than is available at grocery stores.

BYH to Dr. Silvernail, please advise the self-employed construction workers like myself and my colleagues who cannot draw unemployment benefits to stay home where our stay home money is going to come from? I guess we’re gonna go broke while people who don’t work will get benefits. We are the ones that will financially suffer.

I just learned from my husband that the distinguished, commanding gentleman on the James Scott Farrin commercial is not actually James Scott Farrin. Bless my crestfallen heart.

Bless your heart to the media genius who came up with the term “One county here in the east” or “one town” or “one city here in the east.” Why don’t you just say the name? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know we are in the east.

How is it that on Monday gas is on average $1.91 per gallon in Greenville and $1.81 in Washington? I think the State Attorney General needs to get involved. Who is with me? No BYH to gas company price gougers.

BYH to the cat owners on Crestline Boulevard who allow their cats to run loose, walk on hoods of cars and use my mulch as their bathroom. Keep your cat on your own property as dog owners have to do.

BYH if you married someone you are fundamentally incompatible with. No hiding that fact in a quarantine! Glad my spouse and I get along and share interests.

So we are being asked to stay in our climate-controlled homes with hot and cold running water, plenty of food and lots of electronic entertainment devices and we can’t even manage that? To many in the world, this “hardship” would be a spectacular vacation. Bless our hearts.

Sheltering in place wouldn’t be so bad if I could get my cat and friends to understand the concept of “sleeping in”. No texting before 9 a.m. please! Better make that 10 a.m. if this drags on for several more weeks.

BYH to Pitt County Schools for efforts to make sure all students get a meal during these trying times. I heard a noise and went to investigate and there was a big, yellow school bus with a driver and an attendant passing out lunches. They even stopped to ask if I had any children.

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