A certain university may want to address “administrative bloat” as one of the causes of its budget deficit. Excessive layers of managers and administrators would seemingly detract from teaching and learning, with the costs being passed to the students. Sound familiar? Bless the hearts of those that “keep throwing straw on the back of the poor camel” ... or Pirate.

FYI. Please keep in mind that frugality is the “bread and butter” of austerity.

I heard that East Carolina University was eliminating the swimming and diving teams and the tennis teams. That’s crazy, the swimming team has the best success record of any ECU sport. Not only do they have the best winning percentage but also the highest academic average. I would imagine the tennis team is similar. It’s a shame that we have to eliminate sports that really have student athletes. Another example of how it’s all about the money and not about education.

A sincere BYH to Gale, our mail carrier, and Tenisha, our newspaper carrier, for their exceptional service in these strange times.

BYH to the ECU athletics media person! Don’t you have it easy. Could you imagine being at a university where the local media isn’t a bunch of cheerleaders?

BYH culvert project, $33 million and still going on. Businesses which used to flood are closing because people can’t drive so easily to park and shop. Anybody notice the acreage of uninterrupted parking lots that add directly to the flooding that makes the culvert necessary? Let’s walk and bike instead. Make Greenville livable.

BYH, you say I’m not wearing a mask in public, but I am “identifying as someone wearing a mask”! That’s all that matters right? That I believe I am?

Bless your hearts to all the student housing properties in Greenville. Have you made plans for housing changes that may be required for the upcoming year? Will the slumlords be required to make their units safe? Do you cut occupancy in half and expect to double the rent? This will be a real problem for all the folks making big bucks on students.

Why does it rain almost every Thursday night? Because it’s trash night, that’s why!

By the clinking noises in the dryer, I’d say my wife is back to her “money laundering” again.

Went to my lawyer and told him to draft my will stating: Being of sound mind, I spent all the money. (Hope this makes you chuckle!)

BYH to whoever had the “more chopped than Sam Jones’ barbecue” BYH. That’s the kind of local humor moxie this section needs, by god. With the COVID mess I’m not even getting my Brook Valley Shortcut updates anymore.

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