BYH, to the homeowner on Portertown Road who put face masks on their gargoyles. Too funny! If only the citizens of Greenville would follow the gargoyles’ lead.

BYH, ECU. The football team writes checks they can’t cover by building a multi-million dollar huge tower in the sky. Do they get dropped as a sport? No. The swimming and diving and tennis teams get the boot. Doesn’t seem fair. Need I remind folks there have been only 13 wins on the gridiron in the last four seasons?

BYH Jon Gilbert for giving up a portion of your pay to help with the situation at ECU. Now it is time for the coaches to follow his example.

BYH to the people working themselves into an outraged lather at wearing a mask. As a matter of fact, no, it does not violate your constitutional rights if you are required to wear a mask before going into an establishment. I’m afraid the framers must have overlooked that provision.

BYH to ECU. You are suffering from many years of financial mismanagement. The problems of the athletic department are only the tip of the iceberg. You managed to thwart the last effort to begin correcting your problems with a well orchestrated smear campaign. It would be a revelation to see an organization chart of university personnel and their corresponding pay. Good luck on your future survival. Today, you are your own worst enemy.

BYH, you don’t have to outrun the bear, you only need to outrun the fellow next to you also running from the bear.

Bless our heart, we could put men on the moon and a rover on Mars, so why can’t we routinely manufacture cars with solar cells built into the structure of the roof and trunk? Think about it, when we park in the sun on a blazing hot day, we could just turn on a switch that activates an air conditioning mechanism that keeps the inside of the car a cool 70 degrees. That’s do-able!

Swimming saves lives. Save ECU swimming and diving.

BYH ECU. You had a football coach in Ruffin McNeill who won more than he lost. During his tenure, season ticket sales were good and the stadium was full. Yet you let a bunch of good old boys in the Pirate Club talk you into firing him. Now you eliminate four sports, one of which recently won a conference championship. Why didn’t you ask those same “dedicated” Pirate Club members to bail you out?

BTH to those revising ECU history. Remember April 27, 2016. Before that date Ruffin was fired and Compher, Mo and Lebo were hired. After that date Gilbert, Houston and Dooley were hired. Cecil Staton was hired on April 27, 2016, bless his heart.

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