President Biden is not even in the Oval Office yet and has already produced a vaccine that is 90 percent effective at preventing COVID-19. What a wonderful way to introduce his Presidency to the world. What a miracle!

BYH, of course Trump will serve two terms, one in federal prison and one in the New York State Correctional Facility.

BYH for voter ID. Elections will never be credible until this happens.

BYH. Why didn’t we have a pot legalization initiative on the ballot this year? If these tobacco farmers work so hard and are earning less and less, just wait until they are allowed to diversify. There are billions to be made!

Bless my heart: Two ECU buses carrying Pirate football players require a city police escort to find their way to the airport, complete with lights flashing. Says something about university abuse of tax dollars and city complicity bowing to the university, don’t you think? Where are the priorities of city leadership, university or tax-paying residents?

I was in the food court at the mall and wanted some pizza. But then I noticed the man behind the counter had no mask. Decided to go to a pizza place that was following the COVID guidelines. So long.

I had a telephone call from a debt collection agency concerning my past-due student loan balance. She was very rude but I finally told her that I would complain to President Biden and that she would no longer have a job once President Biden forgave my loan and all other student loan balances. She was the one crying in the end.

BYH, Trumpsters facing reality, no remaining electoral path. We know they hate science, but they really hate the math.

Honestly, people, if Democrats were “rigging elections,” we’d have single-payer health care, clean water, no Fox News and solar-powered cars by now. BYH.

BYH local television news, it’s Santa Claus not Santa Clause!

BYH Sleepy Joe, you can stick unity where the sun don’t shine. Do you remember the hell that President Trump has gone through during his presidency and has been the best president in my lifetime? I can’t believe that any sane Republican would support your socialist agenda.

BYH, the same people who tell you he is mentally fit to be president will soon say is too mentally unfit to go to jail.

Good Grief! Now the Dems want us to “heal?” Heal from what? Four years of Dems attempting a coup on President Trump accusing him of Russian collusion, which we knew then and now was baseless? The deep state then and now is in a muck. May hearts be blessed.

BOH! We all should have voted for whoever would stop all these SPAM calls.

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