I live across the street from the North Memorial Drive post office and some days I receive my mail and some I don’t. Most days, when I do receive my mail, it is between 7-8:30 p.m. And then often times, it is the wrong address. Is it COVID-19, is it a shortage of workers? What is it? What is going on with USPS mail service?

I watched “Rise of the Nazis” on PBS. The similarities to the Trump administration were amazing and alarming.

BYH to the people who want to paint messages from a Marxist organization on our streets and call it art. You are either duped or a willing participant in what they represent.

BYH to those in the government who speak truth to power for the good of the country and more often than not are fired by Twitter, and no BYH to those that stay quiet or actively promote the president’s fantasy that he won the election.

Democrats are now in power. My question is, since China will be running our country, will China commit to giving us everything for free like the Democrats promised?

I think that anyone in favor of defunding the police should have to register and commit to not calling 911 if they need help. They can try calling the media that helped elect Biden. That way the police can save resources by only patrolling areas that want their help.

I would hope that the Democrats get what they deserve for voting in Joe Biden. But, because I love America, I will only wish that he does not succeed in destroying the country.

Why in the world should Donald Trump be gracious to Joe Biden? Biden and his Democratic media have never accepted Trump as president. Yes, I think Trump should concede the election and leave office peacefully. But in no way should he be gracious to people that have treated him worse than they would dirt.

Bless our hearts. We are taught good sportsmanship at home and at school. I don’t believe anyone would allow their child to whine and throw a tantrum just because their team lost. But it’s OK for the leader of this country, for now, to do all of this because he has no home training. Shame on all of you who are encouraging and believing his rants. There’s always a winner and a loser.

BYH, ECU. Your decisions on slashing the budget and furloughing the lowest-paid employees are not equitable or fair.

BYH, if you eat well, and exercise, and get lots of sleep, and drink plenty of water ... you will die eventually anyway! Enjoy the wine!

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