Bless Your Heart

Bless Your Heart

Speaking of yankees ... I once said something about pecan pie to my Yankee neighbors. They laughed and said that sounded like someone going into a can. They corrected me, "It's pee-con."

Went to Hobby Lobby on Monday. Sign on the door clearly states that masks are required while shopping in the store. So why were there five people unmasked? Saw several management-looking men around, but doing nothing about the situation. WHY?

BYH, true story: I found my dog out back with a rabbit covered in dirt in his mouth. I freaked, my next-door neighbors raised prized rabbits, and knowing sometimes animals 'play dead', I washed the rabbit and placed him in one of the rabbit cages while the neighbors were gone. I heard them return, then shrieking. When asked, they said their rabbit died yesterday, was buried, but now he's back in his cage!

Why are the head people at the Greenville Mall prohibiting the elderly and handicapped from walking there? Some need that to keep moving. Why are you being so hard on the seniors? We need exercise. I will do my shopping elsewhere unless you start letting us walk again. You need our money too to stay open. Shame on you.

No! No! No! Why don't the GOP lawyers understand? Smart judges should start charging them for filing false and whining attempts to get a second term? It is nothing but appeasement for Don. Oh, I might add it is also a means of keeping their jobs.

BYH to the Democrats. Would like to know how any state can count ballots and have 100,000 more votes than registered voters? Even the most simple-minded among us must see something wrong here.

Bless our hearts for all the uproar over painting a mural on a public roadway. I believe that black lives matter. I do not support BLM as an organization. No painting should be allowed on public roads other than official road markings. There should be no slogans, tiger paws, pirates, etc. allowed to be permanently placed on public roads. These are a distraction and a safety hazard. Paint your mural on a private spot.

BYH Greenville City Council for your despicable decision re Black Lives Do Matter street art. Fingers crossed that the Pitt County Commission will approve it, possibly for a road leading into Greenville. I won't vote for Mayor Connelly or Councilmen Meyerhoeffer, Bell or Litchfield at the next election. Sad, Sad reflection on Greenville.

BYH to the black artists of Greenville. Negotiating and coming up with an agreement on what to paint on our city streets is called working together for a better cause. This is not a one-sided issue. Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) is a funded organization and is no longer an ideology. I'm good with Unite Against Racism

BYH to “Unite Against Racism.” Maybe if the artists and supporters don’t like the wording change, the City Council needs to scrap the project! Most of the time something is better than nothing.

BYH to the members of City Council who voted against the mural. We heard you loud and clear. White fragility matters more than black lives and white privilege must be maintained. You are concerned about protecting the feelings of those who cannot understand that racism is systemic so you turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the ones who suffer from it. Bless your tiny little hearts and minds. Y'all are truly clueless.

BYH to the four young white males on City Council paying lip service by saying they agree that black lives matter but lacking the backbone to allow a temporary installation to say the same thing. Then they had the nerve to instruct the artists to paint a completely different phrase. Your hypocritical fine statements really don't matter when your actions basically confirm that in your minds, white opinions matter more than black lives.

BYH Vidant is not giving their employees hazardous pay when they are essential. Wow, what a slap in the face to those who put their lives on the line for your hospital. Especially the workers on the COVID unit. Way to go Vidant! Guess the big guys are getting all the money sitting pretty. More for them less for their hard frontline workers.

Bless his sad heart, I hope Donald Trump, as a part of his criminal sentencing at some point in the near future, will have to make a live broadcast to the American people — and the world — clearly stating that he has misled and lied time and time again about election fraud among many other things. This may help his base understand his corruption better. This great country deserves this.

When a baby acts like a baby, that's forgivable. When the president acts like a baby, it's not. Grow up Donnie!

I see in the paper that ECU is going to have an AdHoc meeting today to start renaming at least 100 buildings, this is a waste of money for this university especially during these times we are in. If someone doesn't like the name of a building, don't look at it, or go in it, if these previous owners had slaves we all at one time were slaves get over it. No bless your hard hearts.

BYH, What sort of personality does a president have to just now fire an important government official, by tweet? These last few years were not a TV show, though the president's revengeful attitude with firings is galling!

No BYH to Fox News: Rich people paying rich people to tell middle-class people to blame poor people.

Bless your heart to all the TV stations that did now show Trump supporters getting beat up in Washington D.C. Everything was going well until Antifa and BLM showed up and started to beat up Trump supporters. It made no difference that they were elderly or families with children! How do they get away with it and why didn’t Joe Biden say something to these criminals? Let’s see how well our paper covers it!

BYH Mr. Trump. Your inaction is killing us. Your refusal to give way is preventing positive action. It is time for you to act like a leader and lead the country, follow others that will lead the country, or just get out of the way.

The same entertainment network that told you COVID-19 was a hoax and would be gone the day after election day is also telling you that there was widespread election fraud. Bless your heart if you believe anything they tell you.

Bless my heart. I am looking to buy a new car. When my student loans are forgiven, my housing, food, utilities, Cable TV, phone and child care provided by the government, I should be able to afford a great car. Can't wait. Love you Joe and the Democrats. Thanks for listening to the people.

No BYH to some of my friends who proposed a conspiracy theory that COVID-19 would go away after the election. Let's see the election is over and cases are the highest that they have ever been. So much for that conspiracy theory.

BOH. If the man in the White House had spent as much time on COVID as he has trying to prove that the election was a fraud, we might be looking at a different scenario. It should make members of both parties angry that we are in this situation due to him ignoring everything the scientists and health professionals said.

BYH to our Trumpist Mayor for his actions with the street murals. Just like his hero.

BYH to the artists in Greenville. If you want to paint a mural for BLM why don't you rent a sign and paint it on that? Or purchase property to paint your mural on. Why does this have to be on city property? Get a life and paint a mural about all lived matter especially babies that are aborted.

Bless our hearts, we made America great again.

No BYH to the AP article concerning the press conference held by Mayor Giuliani on Nov. 18. Instead of reporting the facts presented by Giuliani, only editorialized commentary was presented by law professors discrediting anything stated by the Giuliani team. Once again, report the facts! The American people are smart enough to make their own decisions! Or, don’t they want us to?

BYH to the person complaining about their late mail delivery. Put the blame where it is due. Our dear leader monkeyed with our postal service, disassembling sorting machines, and affecting every aspect in his efforts to keep his grasp on power. If you voted for him, you deserve to never get your mail. If you didn't, he'll be gone soon enough.

No BYH to Vidant. So where do I send the bill to fix my windshield wipers since they want to go over to the ECU campus putting stuff under wipers. Didn't know they had permission to mess with my vehicle like that? Plus all germs on paper left on my car.

BOHs. Maybe the mural should be painted after all, if that would truly bring about that illusive state of being "valued and respected.” But would it really? Or, would the feeling last for only about a half minute until the next idea or demand is deemed necessary for that purpose? Apparently changing names on buildings and bring down statues didn’t get us there. Will it ever be enough?

Bless our heart, two months before the inauguration, Trump's people are still talking about his second term, while he purges the Defense Dept and makes noise about going to war with Iran. Maybe he is antichrist after all.

BYH, so Trump lost the election. That must mean the prayers of those on the left are stronger than the right-wingers and evangelicals. I knew it, God loves us more, and can you blame Him?

BYH, all I heard before the election from Republicans is that after the election we would never hear about Covid-19 again. Wrong. It's the top story everywhere, but I know why they thought that the GOP forgot about death panels after an election. The GOP forgot about the ground zero Mosque after an election. They also forgot about Benghazi and Hillary's e-mails after an election, and whatever happened to stories about caravans? Hypocrites.

If JFK could write a sequel to Profiles in Courage, it would have a chapter on the Georgia secretary of state. Courage in the face of extreme pressure. Bless his heart. Where are his fellow Republicans? I’m turning in my GOP buttons.

BYH, a democratic socialist is not a Marxist Socialist or a Communist. A Democratic Socialist is still a capitalist, just one who seeks to restrain the destructive excesses of predatory capitalism and seeks to channel our government's use of our tax money into creating opportunities for everyone. They believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically to meet human needs, not simply to make profits for a greedy few.

BYH to Republican Jesus, who evidently said, "For I was a stranger and you tear-gassed me, I asked for asylum and you took my child away from me, I fled violence in my country from your drug war and you called me 'illegal.'" But maybe the next time evangelicals vote, they will read the Gospels first instead of electing Caligula.

Bless Our Hearts! Donald Trump's actions since the election remind me of when rock stars trash a hotel room before checking out. Trump has fallen and is trying to drag the country down with him on his way out. No COVID-19 response, lying about voter fraud, blocking Biden from classified briefings, no seconnd stimulus check — how is this making America great again? Trump is leaving a mess for all of us to clean up.

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