Bless Your Heart

Bless Your Heart

BYH to Joseph Heller, who seemed to be describing Trump in his book, Catch 22: "It was miraculous. It was almost no trick at all, he saw, to turn vice into virtue and slander into truth, impotence into abstinence, arrogance into humility, plunder into philanthropy, thievery into honesty, blasphemy into wisdom, brutality into patriotism and sadism into justice. Anybody could do it; it required no brains at all. It merely required no character."

BYH, so now I see that Merrick Garland might be Biden's Attorney General. Only fitting. He can just wait for his next nomination to be a Supreme Court Justice when Thomas retires, but if McConnell is still Senate Majority Leader, he might not bring to a vote anybody Biden nominates, ever. He doesn't follow any Constitution I'm familiar with.

Memo to Trump: Convincing a judge of election fraud is not the same as convincing a stadium full of Covidiots.

Hooray for free enterprise! Right now the Democratic Party is offering an amazing franchise opportunity! Now, for a short time only, you too can have a vote-counting process in your very own state just like the one in Chicago! Now, after decades of practice and perfection, you too can have the politician of your choice without regard to what anybody else thinks. But wait! There's more! For a short time only, this franchise opportunity includes a computer system that counts the votes offshore to make the pre-determined outcome quicker and easier. Sometimes overnight! Hurry! call now! the number is BR 549.

BOH, Mitch McConnell, Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump are like the Three Stooges. I am trying to figure out who is Larry, Moe and Curly (and Shep).

BOH. How the Grinch Trump stole Christmas and all of 2020. Maybe someday his heart will grow three times larger.

BYH President Trump. It’s OK to lose, life goes on, live to fight another day. The other 77 million voters give you permission to go back to New York. Once you start building hotels, apartments and producing reality shows you will begin to feel much better again, I promise.

BYH to President Trump still thinking he won the election. Does this man actually believe this? What scares me even more are the millions of Trump followers who also believe he won. I feel sorry for his followers as he’s only taking advantage of their lack of knowledge only to prop up his fragile ego. It’s actually kind of sad to watch.

BYH, you can't spell hatred without RED HAT.

How a man wins says a lot about his character, how he loses says even more. Think about that, supporters of #45.

BYH Don Jr. You finally passed a test. Congratulations!

Disaster! Kentucky didn’t lose Saturday’s game. I've been to Kentucky pep rallies. Beautiful! Many people rooting. Alabama couldn’t have out cheered them. FAKE NEWS! Perpetrated by liberal, looser sports writers to steal true victory. Must replay game tape. Examine Alabama hoax penalties. Must show how biased refs were. If game score not thrown out, must have game played again, FAIRLY. Only eight Alabama players on the field at all times. Officiating staff must be from Kentucky.

BYH: Republican Party "leaders," please give Donny his meds, change his diaper and put him in his bed so We The People can put this election to bed! His behavior proves beyond doubt that his only concern is making Donald great, and to heck with everyone else!

BYH and bah humbug. Progressives is just another name for Socialism and Communism. George Orwell's book, "1984" written in 1948 is slowly coming true as government-elected and appointed nut cases seek to control and manage your lives in what you think, do, and say. Everyone should read "1984" It's an eye-opener of the potential future. So when we hear, "We will change America" you should think of the consequences to go down that path.

BOH! Here's some Trump logic: The election is rigged unless I win. The news is fake unless it's flattering. My staff is the best until I fire them. I'm rich, but you can't see my taxes. I'm a crusader against nepotism, except when it's my family. I downplay the seriousness of the coronavirus because it will just go away. I tweet about massive voter fraud but produce no evidence. His logic is undeniably ridiculous!

No bless your heart to President Trump who is trying to overturn the election. If the roles had been reversed and Trump had won narrowly and the Democrats were trying to overturn the election results, the Republicans would be screaming their heads off. Respect the vote. Respect the outcome.

Bless your hearts! Just a reminder that "a lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right, and evil doesn't become good just because it's accepted by a majority." Quote from Booker T. Washington that seems fitting nowadays for all those Orange Hitler followers still crying about fake election fraud. We didn't need other countries to interfere with our democratic process. Number 45 is slowly destroying America from within for them.

Bless the hearts of the mayor and the city council. Was down at the Town Common today. Saw the newly paved parking lot disappear into the flooding Tar River. Of course, new pavement just adds to the run-off and flooding problem. The irony of this is, I'm sure, lost on the mayor and city council.

BYH to all the blissfully unaware Greenville residents who keep warning and opining on the looming threats of socialism while cashing their Social Security checks, enjoying their Medicare or Medicaid, and collecting their unemployment or disability payments. Just like an ounce of prevention is more effective than a pound of treatment, so too is an ounce of education more effective than a pound of opinion.

No BYH to the extreme right-wing of The Republican Party and extreme left-wing of The Democratic Party. Republicans pushing MAGA and Democrats pushing Black Lives Matter has completely worn me out. Please both parties refrain from pushing your messages because all it does is further divide our country.

BYH Rudy Giuliani. I couldn't pay attention to what you were saying during that breaking press conference on Thursday because I was so distracted by your drenching sweat! Your hair dye was even coloring your sweat as it rolled down your head. I'm truly concerned for you. Either you were telling so many lies that your body was giving you away or you may have a very high fever. Better go get that covid-19 test!

If you can't see the con, you're the mark. Bless the hearts of those contributing to Trump's futile efforts to overturn the election — they've been duped into helping pay his debts.

BYH to the misguided who think China will run our country under the Democrats. Does China run NC? What does it own besides Smithfield, per the same Friday Reflector: Smithfield "is owned by HongKong-based WH Group Unlimited." Murphy-Brown is another, as it's a subsidiary of Smithfield. Huh, maybe look closer to home for that Chinese influence you fear.

I noticed the recent GUC meeting. BYH Mr. Balot, you want everyone to fall in line to help you with your projects but when it comes time for you to “help the community” you don’t want to let people stay warm and enjoy natural gas. 

BYH, what if we did “White Lives Matter?" Now, do you see why “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t work? Racism is what it is. This is what we must overcome. Where is Martin Luther King when we need him?

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