BYH to those weighing in on the pronunciation pecan, it’s not a North/South thing, it’s regional. My kinfolk in Tennessee say “pe-con.” Of course when talking about the fish called a crappie, they also say “croppie.”

BYH to the diversity of language in the South. My mother was from Southwest Virginia and she pronounced “pecan” as puh-cahn. My grandmother was from the Piedmont/Sandhills region and pronounced the word as pee-cahn. Suffice it it say, there is no one way to pronounced pecan. But can we all agree that however we pronounce it, pecan pie is delicious?

BYH, you’ll never get there if you don’t go there.

BYH, if your family member doesn’t break the law they will not be put in the paper for alleged drunken driving. Keep in mind that someone driving a 5,000-pound bullet drunk is still a crime. I guess the repeat offenders just don’t care.

A no BYH to those neighbors who burn stinky trash. The smell lingers, and I have an ailing elderly mom who can not stand the smell of smoke. Have some compassion people! Take your trash to the dump or Karma will get the best of you!

BYH to my neighbor who without fail ruins all the beautiful fall weekend days by burning leaves and debris. The smoke inevitably fills our yards and forces us to close our doors and windows. Thanks a lot, firebug!

BTH of people that complain about Obama being criticized for playing golf during his administration. The reason is the taxpayer was paying for his cart and green fees while Trump plays for free.

Read with humor the Bless Your Heart complaining about President Trump playing golf because people complained about Obama playing golf. The difference is this: President Trump delivered on all his promises and if the count would reflect the true winner he would again. He deserved to take a month off; Obama did nothing. So there you go my friend, no bless his heart.

BYH, thank God this was the last season of that stupid Oval Office reality show. You’re Fired! I am frightened though on what he has in store for us for his finale.

BYH to the individual who was stood up four times by Suddenlink. They were lucky. We got stood up and then charged $60 for a missed appointment. We were home the entire time.

Bless their hearts: we see a lot of folks acting as if 2020 has just been a string of bewildering bad luck, rather than what it truly is: a concentration of widely and reliably predicted interconnected disasters that advanced nations of the world, including their citizens and leaders, could have mitigated or prevented, but instead chose not to.

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