Bless his heart. An Emmy for Cuomo? I would think a Razzy is more appropriate.

BYH, to paraphrase Ben Franklin, “They who would sacrifice liberty for perceived safety, deserve neither.

No BYH to the hypocrites on the right who made such a big deal of Cunningham’s “indiscretions” all the while ignoring and tolerating everything President Caligula has ever done.

BYH, this jingoistic, anti-Constitutional, lawless, antichrist, white nationalistic corrupt administration cannot leave too soon for my comfort. And beware, they are not gone yet. I put nothing past them, including trumping up a war before the inauguration. They’ve tried everything else, why would they stop at martial law?

Bless our heart, with the rollout of the first batch of Biden’s proposed cabinet, it looks like we are in for a return to normalcy, no more wackos being installed to destroy the departments they were supposed to be there to uphold. There is hope for our democracy yet.

BYH Biden lover. This is the Chump Deplorable. Look what the Dems did at the million MAGA march. you attacked Trump supporters. We don’t accept voter fraud. You know you just voted for Harris.

BYH Greenville. I do not care about the mural. I still am having a hard time with the $2 million of tax money spent on the church memorial and the $3.5 million you are going to spend on a pool. There has to be cheaper options than this pool and location. Why put the pool at the most expensive location?

BYH Greenville. I say paint the mural on first street and move the new $3.5 million pool to a more central location so all the citizens have a chance to enjoy it without having to drive all across town. I still think they should have done two pools spread out across town so that all citizens can enjoy them with easy access. It would have been cheaper not to build at Foreman park.

Is it legal to quit paying my student loan now that President Biden is going to forgive the debt? Quitting those payments would help me out tremendously. There is a new bass boat out this season and I would love to be making payments on that better than my student debt. Hopefully, President Biden will be bold and throw all debt out along with the money lenders! If everything is free then why borrow?

BYH to the folks at ECU. While they continue to furlough and lay employees off, they are still keeping employees that have already retired from one job. The majority of the employees aren’t getting two paychecks like these retired employees are then working at ECU for a second paycheck — much less being furloughed with no paycheck.

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