BYH to the Reflector’s Report Card/Expressions school page — it’s a great asset. Thanks for covering school activities, student writing and student art. Maybe you could expand this page? Pitt County’s youth are always newsworthy.

BYH to those car owners who think more of their own comfort by running their engines in front of schools instead of following a no-idling commitment. You seem to value your comfort over the lungs, health and brains of our children and staff. Please do us all a great favor and turn your tail pipe inward. Our children’s future is harmed every time you pump pollution into our public schools!

BYH, all dogs don’t go to heaven, just the ones that are quiet and do their business on their own property.

BYH to my potato-loving friend. I recently went to a “hipster” restaurant and asked for a deconstructed baked potato. They looked at me confused then I said, “Oh that’s also known as mashed potatoes.”

BYH to the people calling out the governor for not negotiating. The fault lies with the General Assembly. The N.C. Senate is downright gangster. Corrupt to the core.

The other night my wife had a dream and woke up in night sweats. Her dream was about a Trojan horse that was wheeled into Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. As soon as the lights went out, the liberals turned it into a participation trophy so all the players would be winners.

BYH to all of the distracted and dangerous drivers out there. We see you texting and more attentive to your phones than the two ton piece of metal you’re operating at high speeds. Please put down the phone and pay attention. The life you save might be your own.

Many thanks to the Sierra Club for hosting a speaker from BikeWalkNC and educating many of us about the impact our transportation system and choices have on our environment. It embarrassed my husband and me, however, that it was held at a church with no sidewalks, bus stops or even a bike rack. Even the local biking advocate had to bring his bicycle inside. We can all do better!

Bless your heart to those residents of eastern North Carolina who think we should just stay stuck in habits that are destructive to our health and the environment. Just because something has always been that way is no justification for it to continue. You aren’t the only ones who live here, and your bad habits regarding the environment and your health are also affecting innocent lives now, and into the future.

BYH to Wilmington for bringing to light the true Democratic party with their fake messages to people of color. We need more of the Democrat history printed on the front page.

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