BYH to the potentate of potatoes. If I consumed all the tasty versions of potatoes listed, I would soon be the size of a fully grown farm hog.

BYH to the writer who wants to focus on real-world issues. BYH is a column for giving thanks or venting ideas. It is not a column for hateful talk, or strong disagreements. It should be a fun and sometimes challenging idea page. Discussing something is a community way of expressing oneself. No one is always right, or wrong. Enjoy BYHs, and keep typing.

BYH boomers, we get it. You like your lawmen (and presumably women) clean shaven. I’d settle for sheriff’s deputies who follow the speed limit or use a turn signal when changing lanes.

I want to sincerely thank the kind man who helped pick me up after I fell in the Cracker Barrel parking lot on Oct 31. He came right over without being asked.

Bless our hearts! Minus 43 degrees in the Dakotas predicted by Wednesday. Global warming?

Bless the governor, what a complete dummy for vetoing every bill that comes his way. Have you ever heard of negotiations?

BYH, if we all self-governed better we wouldn’t need so much government.

Bless the heart of the man driving a white truck with a trailer attached that turned into Colonial Heights neighborhood from 10th Street. You cut into the oncoming center lane and almost hit my son who follows the rules of the road when biking to work every day. Then you had the nerve to get out and tell him to watch out because you almost killed him. Know that the bikers follow the same road rules as you. You had an opportunity to use your kind and apologetic words at that point.

Bless the hearts of NCDOT for the dangerously designed 10th Street Connector or as a friend calls it, “the semi-connector.” I was curious about the issue so I went to walk, ride and drive it and see for myself. Drivers use it as a roller coaster speedway at 50 plus mph, bike riders have no way to safely cross Memorial and walking you see how much dangerous debris is all over the place.

I saw in the online jail bookings where a person was charged with “driving while impaired-misdemeanor.” How can driving a huge deadly weapon up and down our streets be a misdemeanor? While impaired? Who writes these laws? The beer companies?

The government: if you are a tribal resident, you get a P.O. Box, not a street address. Also the government: you cannot vote unless you have a street address. That is voter suppression, North Dakota. BYH.

BYH to the panhandlers near the highway exits. You stand there and wait for people to give you money. You could at least clean up your trash when you leave.

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