Bless your heart Mr. Eugene James, former county commissioner. You were great and your presence is truly missed. You did not mind voicing your opinion and called a spade a spade. We need more like you. Best wishes to you.

BYH to the reader who wants new speed bumps and lower speed limits in the city. Duh, most people don’t even pay attention to the speed limits now. Do you really think these hot rod drivers are going to slow down just because the limit is lower? And we certainly don’t need any more speed bumps to keep traffic backed up.

”Dirty Cotton,” big farm factories, large scale chicken and turkey buildings, tobacco and sugared sodas: Is there any crop in our area that is not ultimately destructive to our health and environment? BYH for those who wish us into being something that eastern North Carolina just ain’t.

On the one hand, you have students complaining about their student loan debt while on the other hand, you have students lining up to take out student loans. Reminds me of marriage. You were warned but you did not listen.

BYH to people that rush Christmas by putting up their lights and trees before Thanksgiving. I guess you take your cues from the mall and not the church.

No BYH to Winterville councilman Tony Moore. You said on election night “no victory in Winterville tonight.” You were referring to your son not getting elected and said: “Maybe I should have worked harder at getting people replaced.” There were victories for the other two council members and victories for the town citizens as they got what they wanted.

BYH to those who purposely drive slowly on our roads as one way to enforce the speed limits upon others since the cops do not give tickets out anymore in our area. Please be aware that driving slower than 45 mph on U.S. 264 is dangerous and can result in a ticket as well. I agree that slower is much safer in town and that maximum limits should be enforced, but on the highway please keep it between 45 and 70.

BYH DR with the headline “Greenville incumbents swept back in office.” Hello, only 16 percent of registered voters in the city voted. Sorry that is not a sweep and that doesn’t mean citizens approve them. Geez

BYH to the editor who selects what is included in this column then adds their own comments. Really? No one wants your demeaning comments. BYH is not for you. Stop your comments

Bless the heart of the mayor, he gets credit for these wild items in this column but I think he does deserve a lot of credit for his leadership. We are fortunate that he was re-elected for another term and the progress can continue.

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