Bless Your Heart

Bless Your Heart

BYH to Democrats. My fear is that many of them have gone insane. Why in the world would someone want to defund the police just as crime is going out of control?

Bless your hearts to Kandie Smith, Don Davis and G.K. Butterfield, three local duds, for your absence in the Grenville rally to support law enforcement. You all made time to be present for Biden's wife, but could not see supporting law and order. Anyone casting a vote for any of you must be brain dead.

Bless your heart Greg Murphy, for letting your racist shield slip.

BYH Greg Murphy. You think Sen. Kamala Harris isn’t qualified to be president? Well, how does being a urologist qualify you to be a U.S. representative? Hmmm? We are all listening.

No BYH for Dr. Murphy for holding a very recent GOP gathering with people not wearing a mask. As a physician, and in the name of freedom of expression, does he apply the same rule with his patients? If so, he sure stands by his guns!

No BYH to those bashing Dr. Greg Murphy for his recent tweet about Kamala Harris. Joe Biden stated openly on several occasions that he would pick a black female as his running mate. How is that not based on race and gender? Oh I forgot, it's only a problem when said by a Republican. Dr. Murphy was only repeating Joe's exact words! Grow up already, folks !

BYH Trump supporters. Does it not bother you that if the virus had been addressed when he first learned about it that we might be back to some type of normalcy? I'm thankful that we have a governor who didn't believe that it would just go away and has acted accordingly.

Dr. Murphy should be ashamed of his racist remarks about a sitting U.S. senator. We expected more from him, but he fueled racism and brought national embarrassment to eastern North Carolina. Bless his Heart!

BYH Dr. Murphy. It's surprising that you have dodged the media and did not comment on your now deleted tweet. We are interested in hearing your explanation. Are you in your basement again?

BYH If you don't need a mask because God will protect you, then why do you need a gun? Asking for a friend and many others. SMH

You know one topic that was never discussed in either debate or ever mentioned by any candidate yet? The deficit, bless your heart.

BYH, I don't see how a little illicit affair can be a dealbreaker, unless there is some major hypocrisy and double standards involved. I would think that issue was taken off the table when the adulterer in chief got elected.

Bless our heart, if our president doesn't call right-wing, unregulated militia groups domestic terrorists, then he endorses them. Come to think of it, he did tell them to "stand by," which means "await further orders."

Bless your heart to Roy Cooper for pointing out that his opponent was going to deprive 500,000 folks of heath insurance. Did he mean free health insurance?

No BYH to the contributor equating marriage to prostitution by blaming the wife if the husband is a cheater. Are you going to tell God one of his commandments had an escape clause? Just keep lying to yourself and trying to justify adultery.

BYH to the the submission saying that BLM is a movement to help us stay alive as a race, despite the attempts of some to kill us off. Does that include all the black babies aborted?

BYH to the person nauseated by Cal Cunningham. You, then, must be absolutely disgusted by Trump, who has cheated on his wives and paid a porn star to keep quiet about an affair. Righteous indignation only works if there is something to be righteous about!

BYH to the GPD officers who were at a wreck with moderate damage Saturday on Red Banks and Arlington and never called Fire-Rescue. A 73-year-old gentleman's airbags deployed and he never got out of his car. Had they asked him any questions they would have known he lived alone and EMS should have been called just to evaluate him. They also never asked what happened, just took the lazy way and looked at cameras. Disappointed.

BYH. I would like to say to everyone that is condemning Mr. Cunningham that he who is without sin should cast the first stone. The Bible tells us, we all have sin and come short of God's glory. So we cannot point our finger at him. If we were to open up everyone's closet there would be a lot of skeletons falling out. No, I don't condone what he did, but who am I to judge.

BOH. Tillis has had three marriages. Cunningham has had at least one affair. What to do, as neither one can keep their pants on.