BYH, while Mitch McConnell daily packs the courts with conservative judges, Republicans accuse the Democrats of wanting to pack the courts.

Pelosi and Biden are both Catholic. Barrette, the Supreme Court justice nominee, is Catholic. Pelosi and Biden say you can’t trust Barrette to protect your rights because of her religious beliefs. How can we trust Pelosi and Biden if they are telling the truth? Never try to understand the hypocrisy of a liberal politician.

BYH, so the nominee says she is a “strict constructionist,” meaning she will follow the Constitution to the letter. Well, the word privacy is not in that document, so there goes that concept. And I don’t see anywhere in the Constitution where the framers expressly stated that “money equals speech” (which it doesn’t, speech is words). So Republican strict constructionism is actually judicial activism, always favoring the power of money over people.

So, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s religion is a problem but it’s not with Amy Coney Barrett, a follower of People of Praise, which is basically a cult that believes women are subservient to men? You ready to go back to ’50s and barefoot and pregnant? That’s what GOP has submitted for SCOTUS. SMH.

BYH, I am furious with the hypocrite Republicans who are showing what liars they are in their double standard of wanting to “let the people speak” in filling an open Supreme Court seat under Obama but throwing that out the window in their rush to fill RBG’s seat. Curses to those who empower them.

BYH Democrats and the Supreme Court Confirmation. If the shoe was on the other foot you would certainly be doing the same. So Bah, bah, bah!

BYH Amy Coney Barrett, I don’t mind you having seven kids, but they darn well better sing!

Bless your heart to the Pitt County DA’s office. We went from a varsity team to a JV team. After witnessing so much, it’s halftime. Do you plan to make adjustments or will the second half be the same, worse or better in the second half? Maybe it’s time to go to a coach’s clinic and learn how to prosecute a case.

I read where the search was underway for a new chancellor for ECU. How about one who sees getting a degree and a good job as important as winning at football. Playing ball is fun but it is hard to buy season tickets if you cannot pay the rent. Let’s rearrange some priorities and think about the future of our graduates rather than if we beat UNC at football. Signed, His poor Mother.

Since Cal Cunningham has proven that he is a chronic liar, how can we be expected to believe anything he says about Tillis?

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