Bless Your Heart

Bless Your Heart

So another candidate promised to forgive student loan debt. Not exactly true I think. The debt will be transferred to those who did not benefit from the loan. That means you and I, the simple-minded taxpayers. I'm still waiting for the credit card company to forgive the charge on my credit card that I did not make. I think I will take out a student loan to pay the credit card.

I keep hearing about free college. So who pays for the football team in a free college environment? The taxpayers? Don't tell me the students in a free college will have to pay those disgusting student athletic fees? People have lost sight of what is important to the big shot alumni sitting up there in the tower.

I think a candidate who cheats on his wife should be forgiven if the woman he cheats with looks better than the wife. If you are trading up then all is forgiven. But going with a bad looking lady is pretty much a sin I think. Modern-day theology has pretty much removed the concept of sin already, so give a cheating politician a break.

BMH, I am tired of hearing the GOP folks say it's OK if those in the older age bracket catch COVID-19 and die so they can continue to refuse to wear a mask, keep their distance, avoid large groups and friends and family when they have no clue who they have been around. Karma baby, or maybe God for you Christians

BYH to the terminally ignorant citizens of eastern North Carolina who don’t understand the difference between socialism and capitalism or democracy and totalitarianism yet insist on voting on those issues. It’s basic civics, and there is no excuse for not understanding these concepts if you feel so strongly about them. If we started calling Christianity socialism every fundamentalist church in eastern North Carolina would burn itself down and rebrand itself as the nationalist church of Trumpism.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg earned the moniker "the notorious RBG." Amy Coney Barrett has already earned the moniker "the evasive ACB."

Speaking of Amy Coney Barrett ... she is doing an excellent job at her confirmation hearings. Democrats have said that she is a member of a religious cult similar to that in The Handmaid's Tale. Just to teach them a lesson, on Tuesday, she showed up wearing a red tunic.

BYH, Cal Cunningham, please apologize so we can vote for you. After all, Democrats can select what moral laws they wish to observe.

BYH Dr. Murphy. I thought it was against Vidant Policy to post derogatory or racists remarks on a social media platform. I know a former employee that posted something on Fakebook and lost their job at Vidant. But maybe that doesn't apply to doctors?

The NBC town hall with Savannah Guthrie as moderator was a big joke. She interrupted President Trump on a number of occasions and asked questions of her own. She was supposed to be moderating (if that’s the correct word) and not participating. The Presidential Commission on Debates should either be overhauled or scrapped altogether. The moderators so far have been openly biased toward President Trump. Is there not a fair-minded moderator out there somewhere.

It would have been a great and informative question and answer session on Thursday night if Savannah Guthrie had shut her mouth and let President Trump answer questions from normal voters.

BYH to those who allowed the Trump ego massage to occur in Greenville. We know that his supporters think the virus is a hoax and don't believe in the wearing of masks.

BYH Republicans, be scared. Be very scared. Biden isn't Hillary, and try as you might, your fake smear tactics won't work this time. Unless Putin has the electronic voting machines "fixed".

The only thing the Trump Corona Rally in Greenville did was to spread the virus, spread lies and more false promises. I went and voted against him that very day. It was wonderful, all the MAGA folks were at PGV. BMH!

Bless our hearts, Americans are more than a little conflicted on the subject of government intrusion on their rights. Many claim that a mandate to wear masks is an unacceptable intrusion on individual rights, yet many of these same people have no problem with the government intruding on reproductive rights, marriage equality, or even the right to vote.

BYH PGV. What a proud moment when Superspreader One landed here in Greenville.

Trump has done a poor job with COVID as cases continue to rise. In North Carolina, cases continue to increase and even reach near all-time highs, but Gov. Cooper, he has done a fantastic job. Bless our hearts, how does that work?

BYH Nancy Pelosi. If you spent more time on passing legislation for all citizens instead of trying to keep power for yourself and the Democrats, we'd all be better off. I guess she's afraid Trump will get the credit so she does nothing for us.

BYHs, you tell us “orange man bad!” and “Trump's not presidential.” Biden has in the last several months told people: “I challenge you to an IQ/arm-wrestling showdown,” called someone fat and told another he wanted to take them out back and kick their #&%£ — not to mention calling someone a liar and another a "dogface pony soldier," whatever that is. You just can’t make this stuff up.

How can you all talk about not hating, unity and healing of our country but yet the next sentence is — I hate Donald Trump.

Does it seem strange that the cutoff for Biden's tax increases is just above the taxable pay of most U.S. House and Senate members? Just saying.

Bless your heart Pitt County. Why do you still have vendors and customers at the farmers market not wearing masks?

Bless our hearts. Atrium and Wake Forest Baptist and Novant and New Hanover recently approved mergers. UNC and Vidant have to be next. We want you UNC Health, you are the best option to save us from the current nightmare of working for Vidant.

I'm getting sick of the nasty, untrue allegations against the Democratic party. A vast majority of followers are not socialists, radical left, etc. They are decent people who believe in government for all of the people, not just for a corrupt dictator wannabe and his supporters. To the Democratic critics: Get your head out of Fox. Like Trump, it is associated with lies, misinformation, and conspiracy theories "like you've never seen before."

BYH to the uneducated folks who think the governor can expand Medicaid on his own, it is the Republican-controlled General Assembly that controls this very important issue. Thirty-nine other states including many red states have expanded Medicaid bringing thousands of jobs, funding for hospitals and saving lives. Blame the Republicans for the lack of health care in North Carolina, not the governor. Learn your civics.

Bless my heart, is it Make America Great Again or Keep America Great?

BOH in Pitt County. COVID is on the rise and the man that lives in the White House came to Greenville to help the spread!

BYH to Dr. Greg Murphy, the Jesus lovin’, MLK quotin’ politician who just happens to dabble in a little race baitin’ when he feels the need to rouse the rabble to the polls. Dr. Murphy’s legislative career will be quickly forgotten but his enthusiastic embrace of Don the Con and his anti-minority agenda will be remembered forever. Enjoy it Greggers, you’ve earned it!

BYH to those who have pre-existing conditions and women, anybody in those groups who voted for Trump the first time, now that he will have three picks on the Supreme Court, you can kiss your health coverage goodbye. And you ladies can kiss the autonomy over our own body goodbye. I predict within five years a fertilized egg will have constitutional rights, and states will be able to regulate contraceptives as harshly as abortions.

BYH Facebook and Twitter. To many people who love to see pics of their friends and family members, especially during this time of COVID, I would respectfully request that people seriously rethink their use of these devices. After being hacked not once but twice now, they want to censor free speech. Well, that's free speech that they don't like. Look at these devices for what they are. They are no good.

My neighbor said I should not go to the Trump rally. I told him he should not allow his dog to bark all night long and keep me awake. He then went inside.

BYH Greenville Mayor P.J. Connelly for your long support of Trump. Are you going to stick with him to the very end, or are you going to start conveniently separating yourself now that he's headed to likely defeat? We need new leadership in DC and Greenville.

BYH, vote blue. For every office. Everywhere.

BYH, Trump is the virus, and voting is the cure. Vote! Early voting has started.

BYH, the white supremacist groups are still "standing by" and awaiting Trump's further instructions.

BYH, so a fetus in the first trimester should be protected by the state, but a 1-week old newborn born in detention can die of a treatable illness and it's the parents' fault because they tried for a better life? Did I get that right? This Christian stuff is confusing to me.

NBYH to the post office annex. What's happening to our mail? Four days no mail pickup or delivery. We had no warning. I'm worried about my bills and the medicine that I have to have. Post office, give us an answer.

Charles McLawhorn was quoted by a local TV station, “I think the President is coming to Greenville so he can get off the airplane and hear people cheer. Then, he’s going to say some stupid thing, and get back on the airplane.” With that comment, the Pitt Democratic Party Chairman just exceeded any stupidly that Trump has or may ever speak. Takes one to know one!

BYH Joe Biden. I'm not a fan of you because you are a real creep that has done nothing for Americans in over 47 years in office but to earn millions of dollars off of the American taxpayers. I do have to take up for you because you may not be lying: you think that you are running for the senate so you don't have an idea. Really feel sorry for you.

BYH to Facebook and Twitter for censoring the latest information on Joe and Hunter Biden, which seems to indicate they knew what they were doing. Also, be interesting to see if you censor this BYH

BYH, Melania. You have to wake up every morning to The Donald. You have to live in the White House which your husband called a "dump." Then you get coronavirus. I'll bet you vote for Biden just so you don't have to pretend to like your cheating husband anymore.

Bless your hearts to all the doctors and medical personnel pushing for Medicaid expansion. Are you doing this for your love of mankind or because you see Medicaid as a cash cow that needs to be milked by your business?

BOH, America has the right to know what's going on with the Biden/Hunter emails with China and Russia. Shame on Facebook and Twitter who tried to suppress information on Biden and his son, Hunter, regarding Hunter's dealings with Russia and China and money going to the family.

I'm glad the Census will be over soon. Having workers pump me for info about my neighbors who are not at home isn't how this is supposed to work. You are supposed to talk to them and not harass those of us that filled out our form and sent it in. BYH. I have zero confidence in the accuracy of your data.

BYH Congressman Murphy. It's disappointing to see that your tweets regarding Sen. Harris and former Vice-President Biden have taken on the same tone of racism and disrespect as the president. Regardless of the political party, Eastern North Carolina deserves better representation than one who is supporting the discord that exists in our country today. Show some class, dignity, and respect for the citizens you represent in eastern North Carolina.

Watching the arrogance and the righteousness of the Democrats involved in the Supreme Court nomination hearings is a true revelation to the nature of these people. No wonder people around the world see the U.S. as ugly Americans.

BYH Dr. Murphy. Still no comment about your remarks last week about Sen. Harris. Trump got your tongue?

BYH wannabe Gov. Forest, no masks because they don't work? When my doctor and hospital stopped requiring masks, then I will. Tell the president and Sen. Tillis about no masks. Of course, it is a hoax, 215,000 dead. Prevention is the best medicine in stopping a pandemic. You go on TV and say nothing, but your actions show you have no clue about the health of the people of North Carolina.

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