Bless Your Heart

Bless Your Heart

BYH, don't follow the crowd, the crowd is usually wrong!

Bless Your Heart to the criminal justice system. Here lately it seems like Greenville and Pitt County have turned into New York. Why is there no punishment for crimes? All I ever see in the news is not guilty verdicts and repeat offenders that get slapped on the wrist. I love my county and want to continue raising my kids here but it sure is hard these days.

BYH, if a mask mandate infringes on rights, why is controlling a uterus a function of government? Asking for a friend.

BYH to our incompetent President Biden! He doesn’t take any questions. Isn’t anyone concerned as to why he doesn’t talk to reporters unscripted? Who is really running this country? It sure isn’t him!

If you're Republican and actually believe the biggest threat to America is Democrats, you've drunk too much of the Kool-Aid from cable TV, conservative radio and Facebook friends. You are not actually looking at the facts, just feeding on contempt. Be more grateful that you live in a country where you can say the president is an idiot and "God bless America" without jackboots knocking on your door at night.

Bless our hearts. No matter what Psaki says, we are at this point with fuel prices because the first thing Joe did was shut down the pipeline. Now we have to depend on countries that hate us for energy and heating fuel. Great job Joe. Can't wait for the mid-terms to get back some control of our nation. Joe has no idea.

BYH Greenville for having some of the most confusing semi-bike lanes ever created. Fifth Street by ECU has lanes that are on and off; 10th Street just ends at 6 to 8 lane highway wannabes. Green Street is on the wrong side of the road and is repeatedly broken by left turn only lanes. When city traffic planners are this bad repeatedly-it looks deliberately designed to discourage usage.

BYH, the worst thing about Trump's presidency isn't what we learned about him, it's what we learned about our family and friends.

BYH. I say we let Trump run again so we can watch him lose again. While the postmaster general, who he put in office, is still around.

BYH to the USA. It took over 200 years to get us to where it was by 2020. It took the new administration less than a year to bring it down.

Mark Zuckerberg donated $420 million to two organizations to influence the elections via vote navigators. Why did I not hear about this on the mainstream media or read about it in The Daily Reflector. It really makes you go hmmm. Bless your heart, and his too if he has one.

BYH to all these ads you see on TV telling you how the only way to get rid of COVID is to get vaccinated. Well, news flash, as long as Joe keeps the border open and lets thousands of illegal aliens come in unvaccinated, America will always be shut down.

Remember, the government has no money, they take money from those who work. The Democrats want people to stop working and receive a government check instead. Question: what happens when no one works, where will the money come from? BTH's they are stupid, just saying.

BYH, immature is the word boring people use to describe fun people.

Where can I find one of those "Prosperity Preachers?" My preacher keeps on about sin and the consequences of sin. After these type sermons I feel as if I have run a marathon. Nowadays we need to be thinking good thoughts and about the abundance coming our way. If the preacher doesn't preach about prosperity then how can we give him a raise?

BYH to us all. What kind of country do we live in now. We allow invaders to put our country in danger, gays to push sick ideas and have rights in our communities. We allow people to destroy our past history by tearing down statues at will. We forget our old folks, and our young set on their rears, not willing to work. What has happened to our country that we knew. It is gone.

Bless the hearts of the owner of Parker’s Barbecue and Great Harvest Bread getting political. I won’t be spending my money with them. Not that I went to the fourth or fifth best BBQ restaurant in town to begin with though.

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