Allow the football coach to also be the chancellor. It would save a lot of money, and football coaches seem to be more down to earth. We all know college is about football. Studying is all well and good if you are going to become a doctor or dentist but most other jobs are all about getting along with the boss.

BYH to all the good citizens of Pitt County who are wearing masks and keeping healthy distance while voting in this election. It is patriotism to do the best we can to ensure safe participation in our Democracy, especially in this COVID pandemic. Your considerate choice to wear a mask protects other voters and all of the volunteer poll workers. Thank you!

BYH to the Center for Voter Information. FYI, sending one ballot request form was helpful. Sending more than three for each member of a household is an annoying waste of paper and trees. Also, hounding someone that you know votes every year with mailers begging us to vote is a waste of resources. Stop it!

BYH to the idiot in my neighborhood that goes around defacing Trump signs. I saw you on my security camera last time. I am watching you!

BYH to my neighbors who are having to put their Biden-Harris signs up next to their houses. They are not putting them near the street to keep them from being stolen or vandalized. Sad state of affairs. I’m hoping someone comes into my yard after mine so I can turn over the security video to the police.

BTH of the contributor who said that Democratic signs were high grade bull manure. You don’t need more manure, as Trump has supplied more than enough for everyone in the country over the past 4 years.

It’s amazing that when Democratic signs are stolen it’s despicable. How about the Trump Pence sign that was defaced on the corner of Greenville Boulevard and Charles?

BYH, Pitt County poll workers and party poll observers. Where I went for early voting, you were calm, friendly and professional. When the president says this year’s elections will be “a fraud,” “a shame,” and “rigged,” he’s saying that our election officials and poll workers across the U.S. are either incompetent or dishonest. What an insult to dedicated citizens.

BYH to ECU for forming the Fiscal Sustainability Coordinating Committee. If you want to really reduce costs, look at how top-heavy the university is. How many assistant, associate deans and directors do you really need? How many paper pushers per teaching and researching faculty do you have? How many feel-good, made-up positions have you created over the years and are now stuck funding salary, benefits and support staff?

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