Bless Your Heart

Bless Your Heart

I keep reading of more and more counties deciding not to prosecute certain crimes. Probably a good way to cut down on court cases but what about the poor lawyers? And it works right into defunding the police. No police, no crime. Just police yourself and everything will be fine.

Please vaccinate so we can return to our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Will the new gun laws take the assault rifles from the Taliban as well as U.S. citizens?

BYH Eastern North Carolina, the basics of mitigation of the coronavirus have been forgotten. Masking, distance, washing hands. Our COVID rates reflect this. Areas with mask mandates have lower rates than ours. I feel like I need a hazmat suit to just go to the grocery store here.

BYH, so you're ticked about the government telling you what to do? Welcome to being gay, a minority or having a uterus.

BYH to all at the ECU game not wearing masks and folks complaining about the beer line where folks were up against each other with no masks. I will wait to see the spike in the COVID delta variant thanks to all you who were elbow to elbow at the game. Even if vaccinated you should have worn a mask so when the community spikes, it's on you for your lack of concern of community.

BYH, fear and faith are mutually exclusive. The more you have of one, the less you have of the other.

BYH, our fathers fought the fascists, not voted for them.

BYH, if you are easily offended, you are easily manipulated.

Bless her heart, my cat wrote a poem yesterday: I lick your nose. I lick your nose again. I scratch my claws down your eyelids. Oh, you're awake? Feed me.

BYH to those who payed to put the Confederate statues to honor our brave civil war heroes. Our government has taken them down. Who is going to pay those who put them up for their expenses, and cost that they invested in these statues. They should get paid for what they have in them. A vote should have been taken whether to remove them or not by the citizens of the towns and counties.

Let's take an objective look at the state of the country. Better: Fewer mean tweets. Worse: Border security. Inflation on everything; crime across the country; multiple cyber attacks on our country's infrastructure, including gas and meat processors; hundreds of Americans left behind in Afghanistan; allies questioning the competence of the United States of America; even the COVID surge. Votes have consequences even if you don't personally like a candidate.

Pitt County Schools should be ashamed thinking about money over children's health. They had no plan for this upcoming school year to lower the risk of COVID cases. Instead of all students going at the same time, they should've stayed with A and B week schedule. What is the talk about the children won't have to wear masks after December? Time for a new Pitt County superintendent and new school board.

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