What has the City Council, mayor, state legislative representatives done to address the epidemic of nonstop toxic car noise pollution in Greenville? Nothing. Sit at the 10th and Elm intersection and you will be so annoyed at the toxic noise 24/7. You cannot hear emergency vehicles nor can you hear a conversation with anyone sitting near you. Leaders, do your job or resign. Impound the cars and severely fine the idiots who drive these toxic noise driving machines.

Bless your hearts ECU and the Marching Pirates. Your 9/11 halftime show was excellent. It was moving and appropriate to the occasion. A lot of us had tears in our eyes. Thank you.

BOH USA. How is it we were so together on 9/11/2001 and now we are so divided on 9/11/2021. God, please help us and forgive us for we know not what we do to each other.

BYH to the man who claims that it’s his right to park on a public sidewalk in Uptown to chat with a friend. “I own the (nearby) building,” he justifies. BYH to elected city official who says it’s OK for him to take the public sidewalk for himself for awhile. What’s the moral of the story?

Bless my 6 year-old-daughter’s heart. She saw the basketball mannequins in the Minges windows and became very scared. Those giant mannequins are very creepy. Is Minges ready for Halloween already?

A recent report states that marijuana use among college students is at a historic high. I blame student loans for this. Back in the day we could hardly afford to buy Ramen noodles. According to my own study student loans account for 63 percent of all craft beer purchases. And don’t get me started on the source of tattoo funding.

Rather than increasing what we spend on public education, parents could increase their involvement. Parents, or should we say one parent, send the child to school unprepared to learn. By now we should have figured out that the government cannot raise your children for you. Parental involvement in public education is the ingredient that is missing. Make some time with you children!

BYH, there are no tracking microchips in the vaccines, but on the other hand, your phones are literal GPS devices, and your cameras and microphones can be turned on without you knowing. Now what was it you were worried about?

Bless my heart. The USPS motto used to be something like neither rain, snow, sleet or hail will keep us from delivering mail. I guess beautiful weather, no wind or rain does keep it from being delivered. I guess we can blame it on COVID-19.

BYH, the average hospital stay for a case of COVID-19 costs about $17,064. The vaccination is free.

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