Ladies and gentlemen, would you please leave your phones alone while driving? The rest of us are left to deal with your lane-drifting, slowing down and speeding up for no reason, and making love to your phone at stoplights instead of paying attention, thus preventing two or more other cars from making it through the light. Thank you. That would be swell.

BYH to the first U.S. Senate debate: Tillis, 1; Cunningham, 0. Sen. Tillis is so on top of his game. Knows what he is doing.

BMH, this election I will not vote for anyone who lies.

BYH to the current state of our downtown. No Freeboot Fridays, no nightclubs open, no concerts at the State Theater and restaurants at 50 percent. There’s always hope, there’s the outside chessboard at Shepherd Memorial Library.

BYH if you think coronavirus is fading away. Europe is just starting its second wave and it’s not even winter yet. Look online at the curve for France. Look and learn.

BYH to our president who wanted to spare us from knowing the truth about coronavirus early on. What a peach of a guy he is. Well, maybe not. But he is the orange color of a peach, so there’s that.

I’ve been through many hurricanes and they are bad. But I’ll take them any day over the constant wildfires burning out whole towns, scorching thousands of acres and ruining air quality out west. BYH to those suffering.

Looking at demographic data on NCDHHS website, 68 percent of North Carolina’s cases are in people 49 years old and younger (11 percent under 17, 16 percent 18-24, 41 percent 25-49). BYH to the younger people. You need to step up! Stay home. Wear a mask. Get with the program.

BYH to the adults skateboarding and roller skating on the city tennis courts at River Birch. You do know the city has miles of paved greenways don’t you?

Bless our hearts, 2020’s theme song should be “Bored in the House.” Pretty much sums it up.

Bless your heart to California. Looks like you have become the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

BYH to President Trump’s payroll tax plan, or should we say end of Social Security and Medicare plan as the payroll tax pays for these benefits you paid for over many years. And Tillis just sits there doing nothing to support you and me.

BYH mute button on the remote. Especially during election season, this is a marvelous invention.

BYH. I went by Poorman’s Flea Market on Sunday and saw a big crowd, a lot more than the 300 ECU was asking Goober Cooper for, but also bigger than was at ECU’s last home game.

BYH to Frank Zappa, who said, “A mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work properly unless it is open.”

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