Kudos to the ECU Police Department. They were able to track down and arrest a potentially violent criminal the same day he (allegedly) committed an armed robbery. They simply followed his movements on surveillance cameras until he went to his vehicle. They got his plate number and it was a done deal. Great police work!

If I am asked to abide by a vaccine mandate, why are members of Congress and members of their staff not required to do so. Maybe they know something we don’t.

Why is President Biden choosing to pick on the medical staff we need so badly right now? Why doesn’t he go with the Medicaid people or the unemployed people? Thank you; bless your heart.

BYH NCDOT for increasing the speed and volume of cars and trucks on U.S. 264 and other highways whilst cutting back the water and sound absorbing trees. Not only do we get more flooding but the toxic noise pollution 24/7 means we get less fresh air since windows remain shut or we can’t hear a thing. Quality of live is sacrificed for your roads and car devotion.

I have had two of the COVID shots but am confused about the booster. Or the third shot? Or whether or not to get the garden variety flu shot. My doctor told me it was my call. My wife asked if my life insurance was paid up to date. The urgent care said they preferred I paid with a credit card. I thought when I got old life’s questions would be answered for me. Wrong again!

BYH to whomever keeps on posting “Jesus” on the utility poles in Greenville. To be fair we should add the names “Allah,” “Budda,” “Santa,” “Satan,” “Yaweh” and others so that no one is left out ... or better yet, take them all down and separate church from state-owned property.

BYH Pitt County Schools for not having air purifiers in the schools so that you can protect your staff and the children with whom we once entrusted you. Open all of the windows and use fresh air to keep everyone safe and alive if you’re not going to clean the air that is already inside.

BOHs, I will get my vaccine when abortions are outlawed, my body my choice works both ways. Don’t worry about me making you sick, if you got the vaccine, you’re safe right? I might get sick or worse, that’s my choice, but the aborted baby is definitely dead at the request of his mom and abortion supporters.

BYH antivaxers. It’s your choice but please don’t show up at the ER if your choice gives you a deadly disease. Stay home and remember that you chose this. Please don’t take up valuable hospital space from those of us who took the free vaccine. Please keep proving Darwin right.

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