Bless your heart to the Ayden Collard Festival this past weekend. My family and I had the best time. It was so enjoyable. The two bands on Friday and Saturday night were great. Everybody was so nice and, yes, I got collard greens. In fact, I ate collard greens with cornbread. The carnival rides were great, the art show, the craft show, the entertainment in the afternoon. I just want to say thank you to the committee and the Town of Ayden for putting on such a great festival and we look forward to coming back next year.

BYH photographers. Please stop printing photos of high school volleyball athletes not wearing their masks properly — this is a huge embarrassment that you reward them for not following NCHSAA rules for wearing masks indoors.

BYH, no one makes it out of here alive, all the great geniuses of history have died. Aristotle died. Newton died. Einstein died. And I’m not feeling too well, either.

BYH, until you do 30-plus minutes of CPR in a plastic gown, N95, surgical mask, two pairs of gloves and a face shield, you should probably stop complaining about wearing some fabric on your face to go to the grocery store.

Thank you to the Mexican restaurant just past the airport. Your special cash change made my kids’ day. Two dollar bills are rare and it is cool that you use them for change. Keep it up. Plus the food was great, too.

I see where the Biden Administration is proposing raising taxes on businesses and individuals. That’s one way to slow down the economy and keep people on unemployment. Governments extend their reach by spending so high taxation is a must. Punitive tax rates rarely work out well. Let us all be friends to business and praise those who make a profit. Profits make the payroll.

BYH and a helpful hint for the men: If a woman ever says “Correct me if I’m wrong,” do NOT, I mean NEVER under any circumstances, do it.

It is time for the Baptists to explain that stuff about “turning water into wine.” I know we are not to be drinking wine as it has the “bite of an adder.” But why not allow us members to turn water into wine and then use the wine for medicinal purposes. Essential oils are now the rage but we can catch back up by turning water into wine. Think about the added members.

BYH, have you ever really thought about how when you look at the moon, it’s the same moon that Shakespeare and Napoleon and Van Gogh and Aristotle looked at? They all looked at the moon. They are all dead. The moon is killing people, wake up America!

BYH, strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet.

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