Bless Your Heart

Bless Your Heart

Oregon is legalizing magic mushrooms. I think you get some kind of high from eating them. Or maybe it is a "trip." I get the same thing from hot doughnuts. Those doughnuts seem to make the world a little nicer. My wife is almost civil to me when I bring home a box of warm doughnuts. Almost.

To all those who cannot get past Trump winning the White House, it would never have happened if the Democrats had not tried ramming Hillary down the throats of the voters. It simply was not her turn. So whose turn will it be next election?

Afghanistan sure has disappeared from the news. Wonder why that is? And not much about the hordes crossing the border. Must be a new defensive format for saving President Biden.

Drugs are being legalized all over the country. Why not legalize prostitution as well? Doesn't "My Body, My Choice" apply here as well? We do not arrest illegal immigrants who break the law so why arrest prostitutes? C'mon man!

Interesting enough that Americorps students could never "be on payroll" or show holding a job anywhere on campus. They just worked and never got paid. One of many things that were covered up by the dumpster fire university!

It's time for another PSA to Greenville citizens: As you consider voting for Mayor and City Council in March, remember that in Greenville, the mayor has very little power or influence (outside of their Facebook fan page, anyway). The council members hold most of the power, and it would do us well to have a lot fewer council members with close ties to developers and Greenville's gentry class pulling the strings behind closed doors.

BYH, bring back Johnny Carson show!

Is it too late to vote for Hillary? Aren't older women supposed to be smarter than older men? At least that theory is pushed by my older wife. Staying married to Bill shows she is in it for the long haul. I never liked Hillary but then again I don't like much of anybody.

BYH to the Winterville and Ayden police departments, every Saturday edition of this paper your departments stop the most DWI offenders but have the smallest force. First off, thank you, secondly Greenville must be special, all the people and students but no one driving drunk? Please. The way I encounter drivers in Greenville, I'd say half are drunk daily.

Had a General done to Obama what Milley did to Trump? I shudder to think of what would have happened to a General who went behind Obama's back. Would there even be a trial? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

BYH to the person who said that there was a stray dog in Westhaven, and that the city would do nothing. Whenever I go out for a run in the neighborhood, I carry mace and will use it on any threatening animal (including humans).

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