BYH, repetitive complaining will attract more things for you to complain about; repeated gratitude will attract more things for you to be thankful for.

I hope the city would consider a fun winter park for the Christmas time. It would be exciting to see an ice skating rink and maybe Christmas concerts at the amphitheater while we sip hot cocoa.

BYH those who say eastern North Carolina isn't ready for socialism. Yeah, I'm sure they'll stop cashing their Social Security and farm subsidy checks any day now.

BYH to the DOT. Thank you for the great engineering job you did in Ayden. We now have a roundabout and a cut-through in the Pines Subdivision. Brook Valley we have caught up with you.

Bless her heart, Felicity Huffman got more prison time for lying her kid into college than anybody got for lying other peoples' children into Iraq.

Bless your heart Felicity Huffman. You are so sorry ... that you got caught. Why do liberals always talk about business people when they deride the greedy 1 percent and never mention the Hollywood elite?

BYH to Neil Young ... just because.

BYH to spending more ECU money downtown. We have the Hilton and several other motels and hotels around that just need to be held to higher standards.

BYH to all politicians. You each feel the other party either steals or blocks you from doing good. The fact is no politician can be trusted. That is why we vote to keep them in tow.

BYH ECU football fans. Don't blame the coach or players, it's the person who schedules the teams. Bring on Garner Webb, Atlantic Christian, Campbell — we'll show them what the Pirates can do!

Did Stacy ever get justice?

BYH to ECU officials! I guess "Ole Ruff" is grinning just like "a mule eating briers" and enjoying being a "Okie" rather than a "Pirate!

A BYH to these children addicted to taking selfies. Enough is enough. One selfie ought to be enough for the whole week.

BYH to eastern North Carolina Demos. Many came across the line and voted for the good doctor. Easy to tell by results. Many Demos are removing themselves from any Muslim association.

I know that it will take some time to turn ECU football around, but I'm having a hard time seeing any difference from last year. Same offense, same poor play calling, same lack of discipline, same ol' everything.

BYH Grifton School PTA, Heather Taylor, and the great teams at Vidant. You hosted a great free health fair in Grifton last Saturday.

BYH to the administration of D.H. Conley and the NCHSAA. Where are the sanctions for the students who held up and waved the Trump MAGA flag at the Scotland football game?

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