What type of mental condition is it when you lose an election and cannot seem to move on? Isn’t there some type of therapy that will help? I’ve heard that a Greek salad has health benefits.

BYH: Voice of the People. Wisdom of the East. Conveyor of concerns. Sharing of knowledge. Sharing of lack of knowledge. Anonymous spittle. Appreciation of the good. Literacy test. Getting published after all.

BMH, hold on now. Why isn’t it Belks? We shop at Barnes and Nobles don’t we?

BYH, if Congress members committed suicide at the same rate as our veterans, there would be no one left after 25 days.

Bless your heart to the person who thinks finding money to pay for Medicare for all is so simple. There aren’t enough super wealthy people in the U.S. to tax for the $52 trillion the Urban Institute estimates the cost to be. Even if all pork spending were eliminated, we still wouldn’t have enough. It’s that simple.

Winterville needs more four-way stops. I just can’t get enough them!

Bless your heart to the ultra libs at the DR for protecting your poster boy Don Davis. He sold us out and you continue to support him.

Like him or not, Don took his stand in public. We will give him a little cover from a person lobbing anonymous grenades in Bless Your Heart.

Speaking of common sense ... please heed the words of Charlie Munger. He said, and I quote, “Common sense should be called uncommon sense because it is so rare.”

BYH, to the City of Greenville spending $354,000 for beach volleyball yet neglecting Bradford Creek Golf Course, which many citizens actually use. How much has been spent on Town Common projects?

BYH to those who get their info from the news. Talk to veterans who were in Iraq. They found weapons of mass destruction, problem was our allies names were stamped on them. No issue killing the Iran-backed rebels until a general was killed? What about all those innocent rebels who died? Real world extreme problems require extreme solutions. It worked with Gaddafi, it will work on all the rest. Stand tall and be prepared.

BYH, Donald Trump has proved two things: 1) evangelicals were never really concerned with morality or values, and 2) the Tea Party and conservatives were never really concerned with the deficit.

BYH. I believe all congressmen and senators, regardless of party, should divulge the names of all family members and relatives involved with any foreign country receiving foreign aid from the U.S. People like, Romney, Biden and others involved in the Ukrainian gas industry. Politicians are using foreign aid to get rich.

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