A no BYH to coworkers who don’t want to be friends. How will we know what each other likes? This person does pull their share of weight, but if you don’t want to be friends then work from home. Let’s try to get along this year because this person isn’t putting up with all your crap anymore!

BYH to the person wanting no more partisan political entries and to go back to praising Mayor Connelly. Don’t you know that Connelly openly supported Donald Trump? Now Councilman Meyerhoeffer is openly asking citizens, during a City Council meeting, to vote for a Republican endorsed vote via our state legislature. Looks pretty partisan from where I sit!

BYH to those who support escalation of the conflict with Iran based on so little evidence. Ask the families of the 4,424 Americans who died in Iraq looking for “weapons of mass destruction.” How quickly we forget history.

BYH, the trick is to be able to hug the pillar of the light of Christ’s teachings until you squeeze so hard you can live in the pillar, so when it blinks back up and has no more access on this plane, it will be like an elevator back home.

BYH President Donald Trump. I was watching your rally in Ohio and it looked like several thousand people attended. I saw one of Biden’s and he could have held it in a restroom, which is exactly where it should have been held!

BYH freeloaders, I just stood behind a woman in the grocery line with more gold and silver on than Belks, and you guessed it she paid for her 197 dollars on groceries with food stamps.

Bless our hearts: I’m sure if I refused to do my job for 8-plus months, I wouldn’t have a job for long. We’re looking at you Mr. Governor and state legislators.

BYH, City of Wilson, you built your own broadband system before the General Assembly made it illegal for cities to do so. We need to protect the cable companies from the cities!

No BYH to the contributor saying that the Iranian general needed killing so Trump had him killed, end of story. That opened up every American dignitary who goes out in public to be treated the same way. So if something happens to them, the blood is on Trump’s hands as well as people like this writer, end of story.

BYH to the person who wants Spectrum instead of Suddenlink. Speaking as a 12-year customer of Spectrum prior to moving to Greenville, believe me when I say you reeeeeally don’t.

BYH to people parroting the tired “dead people voting” trope. Is it 1946? Please 23 skidoo yourself down to the library and learn about what’s required to register in the first place.

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