I still cannot get over why men are concerned that I wear a mask. You are worried about me wearing a mask while you wear a hat indoors? Shows how much sense you have. Rather than read about COVID, read the etiquette rules and regulations of a civil society. C’mon, man!

BYH and thank you to all of the businesses in our area who support a more independent, healthy, active and sustainable world by ensuring their businesses are accessible to those of us who walk or ride bikes instead of polluting gas guzzlers. I reward you with my business because of your sidewalks, bike lanes and bike racks. Other businesses lose out as they support destroying our environments.

Sick and tired of all this “tax the rich” talk. Just take all the money from everyone and allow the government to allocate the money according to need. Then everyone would have exactly the same and equality would reign supreme. Free government housing, free electricity, free transportation, free healthcare, free college, free everything. It will be a dream come true for those with no ambition. I’ve never had ambition, so get on with it!

BYH to the proposed Town Common upgrades by the city for better concert venues. I transferred to Thermo Fisher from an out of state location. We like Greenville being close to the coast and the people are very friendly. We do miss the outdoor concerts at our downtown amphitheater. Coming from an outsider, a new amphitheater would be an awesome addition to your city. Thank you and good luck!

Bless your hearts Greenville council members. Greenville is home to some excellent small museums and all of them struggled during the pandemic shut-down. Why not use some COVID relief funds to help these nonprofits? Recreation and leisure is not just about sports!

The sinkhole at Fifth and Albemarle continues to grow; city officials add more barrels to the depths. Soon let’s just make the street a tourist attraction called the Greenville Caverns. Obviously west Greenville people are just supposed to accept a failing infrastructure ’cause anywhere else in the city this would have been fixed years ago. Bless The city’s neglectful heart.

BMH. I like living outside of the city limits. But unfortunately, the members of the City Council of Greenville are hyper-building, destructive-contractor-loving mongers. Roads are falling apart, businesses are hurting and the council’s annexation of more of the county compounds the damage to the roads, not to mention bottle-necking traffic. Think about fixing what is here before bringing in more people. Another thought — why ruin the Town Common for money?

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