By now it should be obvious even to casual observers that modern-day Republicans are trying to use the tools of our Constitutional democratic republic to dismantle democracy itself. They see the shift in demographics and how it works against them, and now even cheating and abusing the system isn’t beneath the party without principles.

Their loss in 2020 has caused them to abandon the thought of winning on their ideas, and now states with Republican legislatures are on a full court press passing laws designed to restrict the voting of those prone to vote against them, with provisions such as reducing the number of mail ballot drop boxes and forbidding the types of voting and types of IDs that are used primarily by minorities and young people, who typically vote Democratic, like rejecting student IDs but permitting concealed carry permits. What?

Restricting the vote isn’t the only way they are trying to stack the deck, they are also trying to control who counts the votes. In March the Republican-led Georgia House of Representatives passed a law that would grant the state board of elections, also Republican led, the power to overrule county election boards, remove decision-making power from nonpartisan officials and putting it in partisan hands.

Some states are pushing provisions that would give partisan poll watchers more power to challenge voters they didn’t like. So Republican election boards would have the authority to throw out votes based on voter challenges and decline to certify close elections won by Democrats.

Their disdain for democracy is glaring, and I have lost my respect for those who vote for them. The only way to counter their bumrush on our democracy is to get out there and vote, and bring people with you, your democracy depends on it.

Robert Tyson


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