I am descended from a slave. Thomas Warden (b.1599) was brought against his will to the Jamestown settlement as an indentured servant owned by Capt. William Eppes, master of the ship Anne. In 1623 he was landed on the eastern shore to work in servitude in the Eppes tobacco fields. For almost four centuries my family has lived with the knowledge that we are descended from an imported slave.

But, you know what? Thomas Warden’s descendants were free people, no longer slaves, who learned trades and raised families. They prospered in the New World, and every generation lived better than those who went before. The family lore treasures the stories about ancestors who made America great by making their lives better. Never once did anyone complain about their ancestry.

Today the family is proud of roots four centuries deep making a better life for every succeeding generation in this great country. On the other side of the family, both grandparents were immigrants. They voluntarily left the countries of their birth to seek a better life in our land of opportunity.

Today, people in every part of the world would give, and many have, everything they own for the chance to start a life of liberty and opportunity in the United States of America. Only here in all the world do people hate their American heritage, all the time living among the beneficence of every blessing that our ancestors built for us.

Those who hate America have never known life in any other country on earth. Otherwise they could never deprecate the fabulous opportunities of liberty and prosperity we enjoy here.

Any American who wants to leave this country, come see me for a one-way ticket to anywhere else in the world. Conditions apply.

Guy E. Miller