The dilemma facing America is citizens have been too spoiled by the very spirit of the representative, democratic government we created. Our Constitution has provided us with a political petard upon which to hoist ourselves. Ironically, Americans established a republic form of democracy where freedom to think and act as we believe (within the confines of the law) is now teetering on the rim of that freedom, pushing the limits of law and order.

Too much freedom, without restraint or control, can undoubtedly lead to anarchy — chaos. Because all Americans — from our founding parents to the most recent alien who enters this country — have Constitutional freedom, factions now emerge which tell us what to say. Others tell us what to do, some what to think and believe. They tell us what to cancel or what to alter, what to consider valuable, where riots are innocent protests or rallies are terrorist riots, depending on one’s political persuasion.

Why? Because the very essence of our way of life, freedom, with respect to the rule of law and order under the Constitution, is being exercised, then challenged. The ideological cold war that has been fueling is now imminent. I have sensed it seething since the 1960s, and I’ve been vocal about it for the last year since the season of our discontent — the killing of black men at the knee/hands of whites.

But that’s simply the wedge that caused the schism between a conservative attitude versus a progressive point of view. I was raised under the pall of the Cold War with caution to “Drop, roll and cover” due to the threat of the A-bomb. Americans were cautioned to be wary of dangerous brainwashing and propaganda dispensed by the voice of communism. My voice today, please, “Let (fundamental) freedom ring!”

John Cleary


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