Allegations, accusations and assertions are not truth, per se. To hypothesize, to utter only inferences, to make broad statements, to offer sweeping suppositions and generalizations about another individual are not defendable unless supported by verifiable evidence. They are vacuous conjecture unless they are arrived at by identifying and presenting facts, or stats, or empirical data. That’s basic logic and sanity. Ask any rational person.

Presidential wannabe Biden in his TV promos is touting conjecture and conclusions about President Trump without citing the support of specific evidence. He would have the American public believe and accept (if they are that gullible and naïve) his comments as truth — without actual proof. Spewing bombast over and over and over does not make it true. But former Vice President Biden will have American citizens sustain it is so.

I listen carefully to Biden’s ads and always conclude with the same appeals: “Where is your proof? Show me the evidence.”

Incumbent Trump lists his accomplishments, his goals and aspirations to make America great again. Look in your wallets and purses. Look at your investments. Look at the cost of energy. Are you better off today than you were four years ago? But for the devastation of the China virus pandemic, Americans would all say we are better off. Nominee Biden would have Americans believe President Trump is responsible for all pandemic’s negative effects. I ask Biden, “What would you have done differently from your basement seclusion? What — if elected — are you going to do differently besides a nationwide mask mandate?”

Let the facts speak for themselves and cram conjecture where it belongs. Challenge the comments of the far left and what their ideology really offers. They will spout insinuations; they will spout generalizations, they will spout socialism.

My response: “Vote for democracy!”

John Cleary


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