I would indeed be remiss if I did not take the time to address my increasingly embarrassing concerns regarding the lack of leadership and sensitivity over matters that affect certain people in the City of Greenville.

Under the leadership of Mayor P.J. Connelly, several actions have clearly indicated a lack of balance between the City Council’s political interest and their obvious lack of support/concern for the welfare and interests of citizens of different political and/or racial persuasions.

For years now Greenville has been blessed with outstanding local art displays which have significantly enhanced the beauty and diversity of our city. There were beautiful murals painted on the walls of several dilapidated buildings in downtown Greenville that significantly enhanced their attractiveness and improved the appearance in the vicinity.

Heretofore, most of the artists were not black people. Now that black artists are involved, I was extremely upset to hear of Mayor Connelly and the current city council recently deciding to regulate future artistic expressions by monitoring and controlling all future art-related projects placed on public property.

I am also disappointed to discover that the mayor is not a fan of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is a sad day when one must start such a movement due to the lack of concern and hostility of a small number of dissidents in American society. Greenville is no longer considered an “All-Inclusive City.” It is now nationally known as the “Send Them Back City.”

Ed Carter