To reiterate a theme I introduced several months ago, biological warfare is essentially psychological warfare. As a retired Army psychological warfare officer, I understand perfectly well that you don’t have to kill an enemy population if you can persuade them to voluntarily wipe out their own capabilities without firing a shot.

The Chinese Communist Party has executed with perfection a complete psychological victory over the United States of America, by means of the American self-reaction to the threat of a generally mild laboratory-engineered virus. Americans have begged to have their entire societal, economic, political and spiritual being wiped out over contrived fear of a viral threat. The CCP, deliberately or inadvertently, has achieved this victory without firing a shot.

In my mind, the greatest tragedy has been the demise of organized religion in America. Without exception, churches have fallen all over themselves to embrace unconstitutional restrictions suggested by politicians with dubious motives. Except for those megachurches sitting on gigantic endowments, able to ride out months or years of lost income, the majority of churches dependent on weekly plate offerings in this country will never recover from their self-imposed financial strangulation. In an effort to demonstrate their politically-correct virtue, these churches have enthusiastically committed suicide.

In his Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx described religion as the opiate of the masses. For the successful takeover of corrupt capitalist society, he stressed that, first, organized religion must be eliminated and replaced by atheist devotion to the party. In the United States, the very First Amendment to the Constitution deprives the government of any power over religious belief or practice. But as the last nine months have demonstrated, you don’t have to abolish organized religion if you can persuade the churches to commit suicide. Mission accomplished, fair and square.

Welcome to the revolution.

Guy E. Miller


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