As I write, Turkey has begun military operations along Syria’s’ northern border against Kurds they characterize as “terrorists” but whom we embraced as “allies” in our war on ISIS and its caliphate. Moreover, those Kurds did much more than “stand beside” or troops in Syria: they were actually surrogate troops for our military with our troops acting as advisers. About 11,000 Kurds perished in that role with an additional 24,000 wounded. Without those sacrifices, those combatants would have been Americans killed and maimed.

Those Kurds and thousands of non-military Kurds who reside in those areas are being attacked because our president made the snap decision to withdraw our advisory forces (serving as a buffer between the Kurds and Turks) from the areas contested by Turkey — a decision made without apparent consultation with anyone, catching unaware the Pentagon, the State Department, and our allies — the result of yet another phone call, this time with Turkey’s president.

There is high probability that we are witnessing the beginning of ethnic cleansing and our nation will have been complicit in this betrayal of an ally and its consequences.

This disgraceful treatment has been noticed, awakening Republican condemnation from Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Nikki Halley, Marco Rubio and also includes evangelists Pat Roberson and Mike Huckabee. Even Fox News has been unable to impart positive spin on this rancid affair.

Conduct unbecoming the president has now risen to a new level of understanding. But is his conduct really surprising? Hardly, given his flawed perceptions of reality, morality, self-importance and the Constitution. Trump is dangerously narcissistic (Google “Mayo Clinic narcissistic personality disorder”), contemptuous of advisers or restrictive rules, none of which are needed by a “stable genius” with “great … unmatched wisdom.”

“Trump,” declared forensic psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee, “is a national emergency.”

Robert J. Hursey Jr.