Since the 1980s I must have read the U.S. Constitution 500 times. The key to power in this country is installing an ideological Supreme Court that will carry out a party line agenda, like decreeing that “corporations are people” and “money equals speech.”

Both are ridiculous notions. Speech is word, everybody has the same theoretical amount, and if corporations are people because they are made up of people, then a building is an atom, because it is made up of atoms.

My point is, it is all in the interpretation. The Constitution mandates our government to promote and provide for our general Welfare (Preamble and Article 1, Section 8). That can range from everything it does now right on up to universal health care. If you were charged with providing for a child’s general welfare, wouldn’t that include providing for their health?

And nowhere in that document have I read that our government cannot retain patents. For example using our finest minds to research and develop medicines for diabetes, high blood pressure and other silent killers, then when those medicines can be manufactured for pennies per pill, it would be cost effective for a healthy society to provide such preventative medicines for free to citizens.

Here is an idea, and it is constitutional if five justices say it is: build a hospital in every populated area (jobs), then educate for free the top percentile of students who otherwise couldn’t afford medical school with a contract to work at a public hospital (doctors and nurses) for a desirable salary for 20 years, but not the exorbitant salary doctors make in the private sector.

Voila, public health care, with private options for quality for higher quality, less waiting periods, etc. Just thinking outside the box here, folks.

Robert Tyson


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