My name is Greyson Graham, a local high school junior, a member of the EarthEcho International Youth Leadership Council, and a Love A Sea Turtle Student Advisory Board member.

EarthEcho International, in coordination with the World Surf League, is participating in the One Ocean Campaign 30x30 Challenge dedicated to protect 30 percent of the ocean by 2030.

The challenge has produced several short films that feature stars of the surfing industry such as Filipe Toledo and Courtney Conlogue. The 30x30 Challenge has also received support from the current administration and will encourage legislation as well as world leaders to help reach our goal within the next 10 years.

In my short lifetime here in eastern North Carolina, I have built a strong connection with our local waterways and resources. Our lakes, rivers, and coast are vital to our economic future, and protecting them will heavily contribute to our thriving economy. Growing up in Greenville and spending my summers at the Albemarle Sound, I witnessed firsthand the impact of weather and human interaction on the environment.

COVID-19 has negatively impacted the planet and has slowed the dialogue surrounding conservation. Reducing carbon emissions, finding alternatives to single-use plastics, educating the public about recycling and promoting new alternative fossil fuel vehicles are vital to the future.

The time for action is now, and “kicking the can” down the road has to be addressed. I am calling upon all citizens to prompt our local leaders to have the political will and courage to enact change and address these concerns now; let’s all work together to keep the green in Greenville. For more information, please contact me at

This is my call to action.

Greyson Graham


Contact Bobby Burns at and 329.9572.