LOL, an acronym for laughing out loud, is used mainly by people that tweet or text. It is also the response that Sen. Don Davis gave about the N.C. budget veto override. Laugh out loud.

Apparently, Sen. Davis thinks it is funny that Bethel won’t receive funds to update its water system, Ayden won’t receive the agriculture center, teachers and state workers won’t receive pay raises, that there will be no money for new schools and infrastructure and no assistance for hurricane victims. Laugh out loud.

The clincher is the $215 million in the state budget for the Brody School of Medicine. The majority of the new doctors in eastern North Carolina are trained at the Brody School. Older doctors are retiring at an alarming rate. It is predicted that there will be a 20 percent shortage of primary physicians (family doctors) in the near future. Can you guess where the first cuts will be? Yep, rural areas like eastern North Carolina. The Brody School won’t be in the so-called mini budgets. Laugh out loud.

Sen. Don Davis claims that he supports the Brody School. His votes have been showboat votes. I challenge Sen. Davis to give one example where he cast the deciding vote that benefited eastern North Carolina. The Triangle and Piedmont could care lass about the Brody School.

If we lose the Brody School funding, you can blame one person. Mr. Newspaper Editor, you have been very quiet. Don’t you have a dog in this fight. It may be time to send LOL Don Davis packing.

Johnnie Beddard


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