Gas prices are high. Good! What is our response? Tap into our strategic oil reserves and encourage oil suppliers to drill for more. Why? So that we, the gas guzzling gluttons of the world can hop into our SUVs or pickup trucks and drive down the block to get a cup of coffee.

The U.S. spends far less/liter and uses far more gas than the majority of the world’s nations and still spends billions subsidizing oil companies, driving fuel inefficient vehicles and driving when we should be walking or biking. Why do we, as a nation, as a community, and as individuals fail to respond to rising gas prices by doing what makes sense and would be much better for our overall health and financial well being? Isn’t this “crisis” a perfect opportunity for us to change our wasteful ways?

With all the funding coming our way from the federal infrastructure bill, wouldn’t it be wise for our City Council to make major investments in bike lanes and sidewalk expansion? How about more electric vehicle charging stations and further stormwater drainage upgrades? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see our city leaders walking or biking to work — actually leading by example?

The old saying about making lemonade when life gives you lemons might be apt at this time. The money is available. Why not use it on infrastructure improvements that will benefit us all?

Bill Redding


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