I've been very critical of the loyalties and perceived tolerance of law-breaking by Vice President Mike Pence.

Then comes January, where we have armed revolutionaries trying to hunt down and imprison our government. That's what their plastic handcuffs were for.

During the last several weeks, the vice president has provided a dignified, leadership that has lent a sense of law and order to CrazyTown.

Refusing to execute the 25th Amendment or not, one has to recognize the veep's calming, steadying presence for many Americans who are feeling unsteady and fearful. Good job.

Donna Callender


Cancel Vic Corey

On Jan. 6, 2021, the horrific attack on Capitol Hill was seen by all. Vic Corey spoke with WCTI and did an interview about him and his friends visiting Capitol Hill on that day. He did state that he and his friends left when they heard the sirens and saw the police cars coming.

I do believe in our right of free speech, however for your paper to continue publishing letters like his is continuing to create a divide in our country and frankly makes me feel unsafe. Please consider to stop giving a platform to people that want to override Democracy.

Karen Cannon


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