Thirteen of our American 50 states have passed so-called “vaccine freedom laws.” These 13 states comprise the Benighted States of America (BSA). Thank goodness that the other 37 states have not passed such laws.

The sole purpose of the BSA confederation is to prevent our country from reaching the needed 90 percent vaccination status that will eradicate the COVID-19 virus and all of its variants, from our society forever — just as smallpox has been wiped out by the widespread use of vaccines.

All 13 of these unenlightened states have Republican legislatures and Republican governors. These legislatures and governors want to prevent our duly-elected Democratic president from being successful in his quest to do what he promised to do to get us all freed from this awful virus. Yup, you guessed it, the BSA folks are blatantly politically motivated. They abhor the idea of Joe being successful at anything.

The certain result of the BSA laws is that untold thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of American people will die unnecessarily. But only after the fact will these benighted folks realize what they have done. Then it will be too late. The striking irony of all this is that the vast majority of dead folks (98 percent of them) will be unvaccinated people. How stupid is that?

James H. Dautremont


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