According to the information presented in a recent Daily Reflector article, two Pitt County Board of Education members, Worth Forbes and Benji Forrest, encouraged parents to closely monitor the teaching of critical race theory within the school system.

The barbaric, racist statements and summation by Forrest and Forbes should represent a total insult to every patriotic and civilized person in America! To advocate the omission of basic facts regarding the murder, hatred and brutal treatment of fellow American citizens because of the color of their skin is extremely cruel and grossly inhuman. I know the true feeling because in 1947 my father was brutally murdered by a white racists in Havelock and nothing was done at all about the incident. As of today, nothing has still been done about the murder and his remains have been recovered.

I spent over eight years in the U.S. Army as a commissioned officer. I honorably served in the United States, Korea and the Republic of Vietnam. I have received numerous awards, medals and commendations for my military service and 14 years of leadership in local government. Four of my great grandfathers were honored as heroes of the American Revolution by the Sons of the American Revolution, and a chapter was formed in their names in my hometown of Havelock. This is the only minority chapter of the SAR, and I was its first president.

I am a permanently disabled Vietnam veteran with 90 percent service connected disability, and to hear two school board members suggest that someone should monitor and control my children’s and grandchildren’s history lessons tells me that it’s time once and for all to do whatever is necessary to stop white racism in America.

We should start with the basic demand that Forbes and Forrest apologize and immediately resign from the Board of Education.

Edward E. Carter


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